Guberman-PMC Teams up With 9/11 FDNY Hero to Slam Victory Welding’s George Foote for Clear Links to Anti-American Orgs

MANHATTAN, NY – 09-27-2018 ( — There’s more to life than profit.  And integrity can’t be bought.  That’s the philosophy pushing Guberman-PMC to ISO certification and quality success while maintaining a pro-American, pro-veteran stance despite the shady affairs of other businesses choosing to work with anti-American elements.


September 11th, 2001 is a day that is etched into the hearts and souls of all true Americans.  It has also stood as a huge motivation for ethical businesses to stay far away from those companies and organizations who choose to work with and be certified by those who hate both America and Israel.  Jewish-American business leader Daryl Guberman, founder and CEO of Guberman-PMC, has been on a crusade to educate how many of the top ISO-certifying orgs have ties to places like China, Iran, Pakistan, and other countries who make no secret how they feel about the American way of life.  One of the ways Guberman has tried to educate in this area is through a series of informative YouTube videos.  In his latest video, Guberman teams up with a 9/11 FDNY hero to slam what many feel are the unethical business practices of Victory Welding and their owner George Foote who chose to work with the Chinese national led IAF watching over ABS Quality Evaluations, rather than a pro-American ISO-certification quality organization.


“Who can blame FDNY or NYPD heroes for taking these things very seriously,”  asked Guberman.  “We certainly do.  Veterans and people in civilian service like firemen and policemen are the backbones of our country and things like what Victory Welding chooses to do when other options are available, are distasteful to the extreme.”


Guberman-PMC has over three decades of experience in ensuring quality and offer ISO certifications that cover a very long list of areas that can be seen on the company website.  They also do their part to help pro-American causes, with Guberman even considering running for office, and hiring veterans whenever and wherever possible.


Watch the new video “FDNY 9/11 Hero Slams Victory Welding’s George Foote For Anti-Americanism” here


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