GROUNDRocks Launch Website for Volunteer Programs

GROUNDRocks offers travellers a range of service learning opportunities abroad and now has a website.

Press Release updated: Oct 19, 2017 16:37 ICT

GROUNDRocks has now launched its dedicated website. The aim of the organization is to reach out to young travellers who wish to experience something a little different or wish to undergo a truly transformational experience. By launching their website, they aim to inform travellers of their hands-on, sustainable volunteering abroad opportunities.

The company is located around Asia, working directly with communities as to facilitate long-term development. The team is comprised of a broad range of ages and nationalities. GROUNDRocks works by partnering with local communities and taking travellers on an 18-day immersive experience where they will work on an ongoing project necessary to a community in the country they have selected.

GROUNDRocks differs from some others on the market in the experiences it offers. It’s important to note that the programs are not ‘volunteer’ but are Service Learning programs, working 100 percent directly with the local communities, identifying and understanding what that community most needs then contributing to the development via the ongoing project. The idea of the company and its programs is to push students to build resiliency while also helping build sustainability and capacity in local communities with the ultimate goal being to strengthen local communities. Travellers who join the programs are sure to build lasting friendships with the people they get to work with as well as those in local communities and experience things they may never have experienced before. Furthermore, their work is sure to have a meaningful impact and make a difference to the communities they work in.

By applying with GROUNDRocks, young people will have the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding, and a great deal of resilience. The programs take applicants into developing countries and communities where they will learn to think quickly, work well with other cultures, and gain invaluable experience in the area of sustainable community development. Volunteers will also learn to work in teams and overcome challenges – all skills that will serve them well in life.

To learn more, visit

33/2 Tiwanon Road 28
Tiwanon Road, Bangkasor
Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand
+66 2591-5420

Source: GROUNDRocks

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