Government Technology & Services Coalition Acquires Homeland Security Today Magazine & Media Platform

Press Release updated: Oct 31, 2017 11:29 EDT

The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC) announced today that it has acquired Homeland Security Today (HS Today), one of the homeland security community’s most respected media platforms, from 5T Ventures, LLC. Under this new, nonprofit ownership, HSToday’s contributors and content will expand to better inform and support the homeland security mission.

“GTSC’s new HSToday is dedicated to putting real facts and analysis in context to tell the stories of homeland security in a way no other outlet can,” said HSToday Executive Editor and GTSC CEO Kristina Tanasichuk. “Too often, what passes for news is just a compilation of innuendo, gossip, and opinion. The current breadth and depth of homeland security reporting does not tell the story of the homeland mission sufficiently. Facts still exist and things are done for a reason. GTSC’s HSToday is here to deliver the whole story for our members and community.”

Since 2004, HSToday has been an essential resource and news platform for the homeland security community, catering to: professionals within the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies with homeland security responsibilities like the FBI, ODNI, Treasury etc.; state and local law enforcement and emergency responders; members of the Intelligence Community; legislators, policymakers and regulators; professionals, business leaders and analysts in the private, nonprofit and academic sectors. Going forward, HSToday will continue to offer coverage on pressing homeland security issues, drawing on unbiased writing, expert voices and a commitment to collaboration with the security community.

“Ours is a new kind of news outlet,” said HSToday Editor-in-Chief Justin Hienz. “Rather than overworked generalist reports struggling to cover the most superficial homeland issues, we are a collection of subject matter experts embracing a culture of objectivity to deliver real news value to our colleagues in the homeland security community. We are security practitioners and analysts first, not journalists.”

With this new concept, said Hienz, HSToday will deliver trusted, nuanced writing informed by named sources at the highest levels of government, leaders throughout the private sector, and other professionals engaged in the homeland security mission. HSToday articles will cover: federal efforts, outreach, plans and activities to secure the homeland; analysis on homeland security industry achievements, ideas and opportunities; and rich writing and reporting on the complex, challenging issues related to guarding against and responding to threats natural and manmade.

“HSToday will continue to be a critical observer to all the happenings in homeland security,” said Tanasichuk. “Unlike other news outlets, however, our coverage will deliver the whole story, putting essential information in context to elevate conversations, inform decisions, and better protect the nation.”

HSToday will reveal the outlet’s new editorial board, website and other updates in the coming months, leading to a formal relaunch of HSToday in early 2018.  Interested parties are welcome to sign up for the GTSC’s HSToday at:


The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC) is a nonprofit, non-partisan 501(c)(6) association of companies that work with government partners to achieve mission. Our vision is to provide an ethical, effective platform to leverage the private sector to bring the best homeland and national security ideas, technologies and innovations to the mission of securing our nation.  GTSC’s mission is to provide exceptional advocacy, capacity building, partnership opportunities and marketing in the Federal security space for small- and mid-sized companies and to support and assist our government partners achieve their critical missions with the highest integrity; best and most innovative technologies; and results-based, quality products and services to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from any terrorist attack or natural disaster. For more information on these mentors and the Government Technology & Services Coalition, please visit or learn about our mid-tier initiative at

Source: Government Technology & Services Coalition

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