“Good Morning Miss America” by Phyllis Yes Directed by Katie O’Regan – Decorah, Iowa

USA – 03-14-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Artist Phyllis Yes has scored a triumph in authoring a play that will resonate with anyone dealing with aging parents, as well as caregivers and friends experiencing this life transition with its attendant dysfunctions and expectations. Phyllis Yes is most known for her recognizable work; a silver 1967 Porsche that she painted pink, covered in lace, and drove across the country as a mobile art piece. Much of her art openly subverts the expected, whether it’s gender roles or physical materials, utilizing lace and sequins alongside objects that are traditionally seen as masculine. This new play is her first, and yet it openly subverts the expected as well. 

After a smash opening in Portland, Oregon March 2018 the play’s Midwestern premier opens at The Steyer Opera House in Decorah, this newly imagined and newly directed bi-coastal cast will take the stage in Decorah, Iowa April, 18 through April 27, 2019, with five performances over two weekends. Producer and Director of 69 staged productions, performer and playwright Katie O’Regan, turns this poignant show into a hybrid rock opera melodrama with a DJ element in the background to make it a fun evening for the entire family. The Cast features incredibly talented New York Actress Kristin Samuelson “Jane”, local Decorah legend and renowned author, Professor and 88 year old actor, Dr. Richard Simon Hanson “Lou”, 88 year old star Helen Hustad “Doris” is flying in from Seattle, and Jim O’Regan “Sammy”, rock star actor and Katie’s brother. The O’Regan’s are local Turkey Valley graduates from Waucoma, Iowa, originally and haven’t done a show together since High School when Katie Played Maria and Jim played Baby John! The Opera House hasn’t had a theater production since the old days, before we can remember, so this is a first in Decorah! Katie has directed shows in NYC, Miami, Door County, Milwaukee to name a few and she is happy to be back in her home stomping grounds bringing this meaningful..show to life in the Midwest! Come on over, and fly on in, to see this innovative new show that will touch your heart and make you laugh. 

Show dates: April 18, 19, 20, 26, and 27. Show Times: 5:30 dinner 6:30 show
Show Length: 1 hour, 45 minutes.
Ticket Price: $45 includes a buffet dinner before the show!


Media Contacts:

Company Name: Sacred Noise Society, Inc.
Full Name: Katie O’Regan
Phone: 4149829974
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.sacrednoisesociety.org

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