GNS Wireless Releases New Line of Next Generation Wi-Fi Hardware, “Mimosa”

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK – 09-21-2017 (Press Release Jet) — GNS Wireless, a leading provider of wi-fi products in New York, is stocking a new line of outdoor wi-fi hardware displaying fast speeds from long distances. The new hardware, from Mimosa called “Mimosa Wireless Backhaul” fills a void in the market doing what fiber does in areas in which fiber cannot plausibly work.  Using intelligent spectrum technology, these products provide revolutionary advancements to wi-fi technology in that wireless may now be a solution for all locations requiring point to point wireless.

For years, wireless technology has aided the use of internet from cell phones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices.  However, in some locations, gaining access to wi-fi has been difficult, based on location, business-density, population density or other factors. The addition of the Mimosa products to GNS Wireless’ already impressive line of products, not only enhances their own product list but also the usability of wi-fi and wi-fi compatible products.  Included in the Mimosa line of products, currently, are three products: 5GHz – 1Gbps PTP Backhaul Radio, 25dBi Integrated Ant. (retail value of $699); 5GHz – 750+ Mbps PTP Backhaul Radio, 20dBi Antenna (retail value of $299); and 5GHz – 1Gbps PTP Backhaul Radio, Connectorized Radio (retail value of $499).  Despite the size of these devices, which are relatively small, they “pack a punch,” leading the respective field. Further, the small size allows for quick and easy installation for your home or business, and therefore monetary savings.

“At GNS Wireless, we strive to enhance accessibility to wi-fi,” stated a GNS Wireless technician.  “We know that now, more so than ever, people are on the go with a new to stay connected to the internet for work or other purposes. Whether a rural getaway, lifestyle change or other stint outside of most wi-fi ranges, many people cannot spare their connectivity.  For that reason, we at GNS are continually expanding our line of products to more fully encompass neighborhoods with wi-fi availability.  The Mimosa line takes our goals one step forward as it revolutionizes every layer of the internet access network.  We are proud to offer these products and even more proud to enhance wi-fi accessibility for consumers.”

If you are in need of any of the Mimosa products, or other wi-fi products, contact GNS Wireless today at 516-214-0321.

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