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United States, Virginia, Hurt – 01-22-2020 ( — SOUTHERN VIRGINIA, January 13, 2020 — Pride & Prejudoodles is a highly regarded ethical dog breeder, specializing in providing dog lovers with some of the most sought-after canine breeds in America right now. The labradoodle is an ingenious cross between the mild-mannered, highly trainable Labrador retriever and the hypoallergenic poodle. These cute, energetic and loyal pups make excellent therapy dogs, but they’re also extraordinarily rewarding family pets — especially if there are allergies in the family.

Pride & Prejudoodles goes the extra mile to ensure its clients have peace of mind that their puppy is in tip-top condition. Staff members perform a 164-point health check of the most prevalent canine diseases using state-of-the-art genetic testing. The full-time canine genetics team also performs coat tests so they can guarantee a non-shedding dog every time. Additionally, the pup will be fully up to date with vaccinations and wormers, and they come with a one- to two-year genetic health guarantee.

Bond From the Beginning

Not many breeders offer customers the chance to select their pup at one week old, but with Pride & Prejudoodles, clients can begin developing a relationship at this crucial early stage. If they reserve a Doodle before it reaches eight weeks old, they’ll be sent a portrait and a video each week. From eight weeks onwards, they’ll receive a detailed report of the dog’s progress, tips for preparing themselves and their homes, professional portraits and videos of their future fur baby.Getting to know the dog before it’s introduced into the home can be particularly beneficial for families with children. Professional support and guidance helps kids to learn the dos and don’ts of puppy parenting and ensures a healthy, gradual transition. It’s also super-exciting to share the updates and pictures together while anticipating a new addition to your home.

Pretrained Pups

Those with previous experience often relish in training their dog themselves. It can be an incredible bonding experience and provide the trainer and their canine pal with an enormous sense of satisfaction. However, most of Pride & Prejudoodles’ dogs are pretrained by some of the most highly regarded certified trainers in the United States. Many people are too busy to dedicate the time needed to train their Doodle adequately, so it’s a handy option to leave it up to the experts.All puppies enrolled in the training program arrive housebroken, leash-trained, obedience-trained, socialized and car-trained.

Black, Gold or Chocolate?

Variety is the spice of life, and there’s no shortage of choice at Pride & Prejudoodles. You can choose from full-sized Doodles or adorable little mini versions. All miniatures are available through the training program and can be a fantastic option for apartment dwellers and older folks. Clients can also choose from the wide range of coat colors the magnificent Doodle has to offer. Coats come in chocolate, merle, parti, white, gold, cream, red, black and everything in between.Those who choose an untrained pup get free hand delivery within Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC and Maryland. Doodles that have been through the advanced training program are hand-delivered free of charge to the above locations, plus New York City, Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina and Georgia. Puppies can be flown nationally by their trainer throughout the 48 continental states for an additional fee.Source:Pride & PrejudoodlesContact:[email protected]

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