FundSeeder Names Former Mesirow Executive As Chief Investment Officer

BOCA RATON, FL – 10/27/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — FundSeeder Investments has announced the addition of Gary Klopfenstein as its Chief Investment Officer.  Klopfenstein will also assist FundSeeder Holdings executive management team to provide his expertise in the areas of investment strategy across both traditional and alternative investment classes. Mr. Klopfenstein will work alongside a growing and pedigreed list of accomplished industry professionals who have already joined in FundSeeder’s efforts to disrupt the asset management industry. He brings valuable executive leadership experience, deep capital relationships, and overall business development expertise to FundSeeder Investment’s capital introduction efforts. Klopfenstein and the FundSeeder Investments division will report to Emanuel Balarie, Co-Founder and CEO of FundSeeder Holdings.

Klopfenstein has developed and earned a reputation for his thought leadership and unique transformative abilities within the financial industry. Prior to joining FundSeeder he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Berenberg Asset Management; the U.S. asset management arm of a 400-year-old German financial institution. In this position, he led all North American business development, and worked with institutional clients from around the world. He also served as a strategic advisor for the German parent company and helped to expand the company’s footprint in North America significantly.

When asked for comment about the hire, former head of Global Trading at Franklin Templeton, Bill Stephenson, who also recently joined FundSeeder had this to say “Gary has a wealth of global expertise including successful client relationships in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia that will be strategically beneficial to FundSeeder Investments. I’m incredibly excited to have someone with Gary’s extensive expertise and experience on our team”

To further accentuate Stephenson’s remarks, Klopfenstein first established himself as a financial investment industry executive to look out for while serving as a Senior Managing Director and the Head of Direct Alternative Investment Strategies for Chicago based Mesirow Financial.  At Mesirow Gary was responsible for growing the company’s business from $1 Billion to $60 Billion in less than ten years; a staggering accomplishment especially for a privately held, Off-Wall Street firm. 

When asked about why Klopfenstein choose to join FundSeeder Investments rather than an established, traditional, asset management firm he responded “I am incredibly excited to join FundSeeder Investments, we will be a driver of the next evolution in discovering and funding trading talent globally. FundSeeder’s technology provides the perfect venue to accomplish this by combining visionary leadership, cutting edge insight, and market experience to provide an alternative way for both traders and allocators to meet one another. FundSeeder’s technology and process will change the way the asset management industry operates.”

About FundSeeder Investments: FundSeeder Investments is a mandate-driven investment firm seeking to connect the world’s top undiscovered trading talent with qualified eligible investors. The firm aims to work with capital allocators to identify traders that meet specific, hard-to-find, and unique investment criteria. FundSeeder Investments seeks to create value by identifying and vetting trading talent to best serve investor portfolio needs. The company intends to utilize a variety of proprietary tools and offers a “curated” approach to match the right traders with the right investors to meet distinctive mandates.

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