Funding Needed for American Aquaculture’s Future.

Important Opportunity in Aquaculture Farming United States Florida Organic Aquaculture for Sale Deadline closes the 29th of September 2017FLORIDA – 09-08-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Florida Organic Aquaculture (FOA), which recently filed for bankruptcy, has retained Equity Partners HG to seek an investor, partner or buyer for its state-of-the-art, technology-driven shrimp farming operation. Located on 100 acres in Southern Florida, FOA breeds, processes and sells all-natural shrimp for the USA domestic market, from a scientifically advanced, all-natural, indoor, bio-secure, ecologically friendly and sustainable facility.

Florida Organic Aquaculture focused its process on alternative shrimp dietary approaches and successful cultivation processing techniques. A water treatment methodology and emergency backup devices maintain perfect growing conditions year-round.   The Company’s technological advantages have eliminated the limitations faced by competitors allowing production yields of approximately 20 times more shrimp than traditional pen and pond farms. These production methods enable faster grow-out, making it feasible to sell shrimp that command up to twice the price of commodity sizes. Finished products are currently sold directly to a tier one grocery chain in the Southeastern part of the United States, seafood wholesalers, and several prominent seafood restaurants.

Future opportunities include franchising the Company’s technology and know-how, to become the leader in the shrimp farming market with productions that are all-natural, ecologically friendly and sustainable. To date, the company has had inquiries to create sister projects in California, Hawaii, and Wyoming, as well as from Europe, China, and the Middle East. The Company is, also, developing a value-added component to leverage its fresh shrimp and create additional revenue.

Hank Waida, a Managing Director at Equity Partners HG, says, “This is an excellent opportunity to invest in or purchase a state-of-the-art shrimp farming operation with infrastructure in place to quickly expand as needed.”

Equity Partners HG, formerly “Heritage Equity Partners,” based in Easton, Maryland, provides investment-banking services and has completed more than 400 engagements throughout the United States since 1988.

For Information please call Hank Waida, Managing Director, Equity Partners HG. Information is also available in Spanish and Portuguese, telephone: +1-410-630-1401, Extension 5, or Email: [email protected], The company’s address is: 16 North Washington Street, Suite 102, Easton, Maryland, USA. Webpage

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Equity Partners HG
Full Name: Hank Waida
Phone: +1 410-630-1401 ext.5
Email Address: Send Email

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