Fossil Farms is Celerating Their 20th Anniversary This Thanksgving

Our line of all-natural meats are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids

Press Release updated: Nov 1, 2017 09:00 EDT

Proud to announce 20 years in business! Fossil Farms has been celebrating their anniversary by proudly showcasing a new 22,000 square foot distribution center and offices, including the renovated Market & Kitchen store and commercial kitchen. The celebration continued with their participation in a variety of events, including New Jersey Wine and Food Festival, Garden BBQ at Rock Center Cafe, NY, various Live Fire cooking demonstrations at their partnered farm Roaming Acres in Lafayette, NJ and top it off on November 6th at their annual Wild About Game dinner at the James Beard House in New York City.

This milestone never takes away from their commitment to working exclusively with sustainable ranches and farms. Maintaining the relationships with these family farms ensures quality and consistency, from farm to fork, snout to tail.

The words ‘What are we doing for Thanksgiving?’ can be heard across the US at this time of the year. Ideas are flowing and recipes begin to get swapped.

“There’s a bird for every palate. Keep the traditions of your holiday while changing up your game.”, says Fossil Farms owner and CEO Lance Appelbaum.

Lance Appelbaum, Owner and CEO

Wild Turkeys and Game Birds were proteins that appeared on the table at the First Thanksgiving in 1621, as they were indigenous  to the region. These fowl continue to be the star of the table during holiday meals. Over the past 20 years, Fossil Farms has offered the highest quality all-natural birds to their consumers.

All-Natural Nicholas Breed Turkeys are slowly grown by 3rd and 4th generation farmers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

As more consumers want to know where their food comes from, Fossil Farms commitment to sustainable farming is always trending. Working with family farms who raise animals with ample room to roam and never administer antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids is imperative to raising animals in a natural environment.

“There’s a bird for every palate. Keep the traditions of your holiday while changing up your game.”, says Fossil Farms owner and CEO Lance Appelbaum.

About Us: Fossil Farms specializes in providing the highest quality, all-natural meats and farm-raised game. When you experience a Fossil Farms product, you are ensured that every effort taken to guarantee the health and welfare of the animal has been maximized by being raised in a natural environment.

Contact: Lance Appelbaum, Founder & CEO Fossil Farms

973-917-3155 / [email protected]

Source: Fossil Farms

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