Femme fatale artist, Hallie Hart has made her mark in shimmery glam town Monte-Carlo.

MONACO – 09-21-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Up close with Monaco’s newest gem: “Hallie Hart, unveiling her Diamond Dust Collection abstracts at The Port Palace Hotel. Hart’s Publicist JiaLi Chang comments, “I feel this is exactly the fresh approach Monaco needs in the emerging art sector of this wonderful village, it could use some new blood around, someone that is a bit “outside of the box”. I love working with Hallie because she is fearless and kind, walks the walk and doesn’t take anything too serious. In today’s society artist are able to reach the masses through the web and she is doing so. I find Hallie’s demeanor refreshing, considerate, and she is always up for a laugh.  Hallie has falling in love with Monaco and France, so I think you will be seeing her around more often than not.”

Hart is a New York City native, a global heartbeat of the new risk takers in the art world. Hart is known for painting with her hands to music such as Beyonce? and Jay z you would only hear in Jimmy’z night club of Monte-Carlo and is she known to dress in her favorite designer Philipp Plein leather pants and which can be considered a bit racy, but this artist thinks outside of the box and has a “I make my own rules” approach. Hart will be doing a special appearance during the Monaco Yacht weekend, where she is currently exhibiting at The Port Palace Hotel, directly in front of all the mega monster yachts, Tankoa Yachts, Burgess and Y.CO are some of the attending well known chartering and sales super stars. This is an exciting to time to meet this rising super nova of the new “Art World.” We would like to pose this question to Hart before we even
get to meet her, “Does sex sell?” We know this much it sure doesn’t hurt her, Hart is both a sexpot and a commodity in the modern world of empowering women in art.

Hart will appear at the Small Boutiques of the World hotel ” The Port Palace Hotel” on September 28 between 1:00-3:00 pm. Hart rarely does public appearances, but lives near Monte-Carlo and has a fondness for the glamorous village on the Riviera, so take advantage of meeting the rising mega star.

Hart’s statement about Monaco and the Riviera to Monacolife.net : “I love Monaco and France, it is truly inspiring and I enjoy meeting artists from the region, to see what I can learn from them and hopefully share with them some of my experience and techniques. I’m likely to take in my surroundings, shoot mental pictures to gather inspiration for something new I might be working on. I’m forever a student and take it in like a sponge. Monaco and the region has brought me such peace and inspiration through it’s seaand landscape, “I would be happy here for the rest of my life.”

Contact details of Hallie Hart [email protected]     

Houseofhartart instagram/facebook

Media Contacts:

Company Name: HX NYC, LLC
Full Name: Hallie Hart
Phone: 44 7407 144706
Email Address: Send Email
Website: houseofhart.com

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