Federal Employees That Have Been Injured On The Job In Houston Can Now Get Proper Medical Care And Claims Assistance In The Same Place So They Can Get The Benefits They Deserve

HOUSTON, TX – 03-20-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — OWCP Doctors Houston is a team of Medical professionals committed to helping injured Federal Employees receive quality medical care, OWCP claims assistance, and work injury compensation. 

Federal workers that have been injured on the job are covered under the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act (FECA) that was established in 1916. Many Federal workers are unaware of the benefits available to them. Many of the workers that are familiar with the benefits have a very hard time getting their claims paid. OWCP Doctors Houston is helping these injured people get the benefits they deserve. 

The AFGE Union looks out for employees in many ways and the OWCP Doctors organization supports the Union and all its great work.  The goal of OWCP Doctors is to make sure, to the best of their ability, injured workers receive the quality healthcare and the compensation they deserve. 

OWCP Doctors help patients that work for all branches of the Federal Government. They see patients that work for the US Postal Service, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Prisons, ICE, IRS, SSA, TSA, CBP and more. Their services cover all members of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) 

The Federal Employee’s Compensation Act (FECA) offers comprehensive plan benefits that include:

  • All medical costs (no copays or cost-sharing with your private insurance company)
  • Disability coverage of two-thirds of your regular wage, increasing to three-quarters if you have dependents
  • In cases of traumatic injury, you can receive the amount of your full wage for the initial 45 days
  • Costs of rehabilitation that assists in returning to work
  • Benefits continue for the entire duration of your disability, even if you are disabled for the rest of your life

The Healthcare providers at OWCP Doctors Houston want to be sure that all Federal Employees know of their rights and have the help they need to get the benefits they deserve. They also help their patients fill out the ca 1 – ca 2 – ca 7- and all other related forms. 

For more information visit https://owcpdoctorhouston.com/   or call (832) 463-6283

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