Facecast, an Innovative Social Video Chat Application, Offers Great Features and Cool Cash For you

LOS ANGELES – 10-27-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Los Angeles webhosting company, VPB Inc., in May, launched an innovative social video application, Facecast, which has since been gaining tremendous attention among social media users for its astonishing features which makes it different from other platforms.

Since it launched in May, Facecast, in Google Play Storeand App Store has been downloaded by a lot of users and has also gathered so many reviews which the company said has been helping them to know what they are doing right and where to improve on.Gorgeous app. There is no app that can be compared to this. Easy to use, fast stream speed, earn money, and make as many friends as you want. Overall wonderful app, everyone must download. A user, Patricia Bassey, joyfully commented. All in one, all for fun is the coined slogan for Facecast because of its three big features (live stream, short video uploads, and users connect).Facecast Popular BroadcastersPopular broadcasters on Facecast include magicians, dancers, artistes, sportsmen and fun-lovers. They build their own fanbase here and become Facecast star through their effort to display good broadcast  to viewers. In case, they guide trends of every festival and activity by fresh ideas and passionate performance.Broadcasters can choose interact with viewers by connecting the microphone, which makes broadcaster and viewer both appear in broadcast room. They can also choose to mute or remove viewers when they get harassment.Get into fascinating video worldTremendous video store push you ceaseless amazing videos to kill your boring time. Not only funny ones, but also life tips and latest fashion.The app also has a unique function that allows uploading videos to earn money by sending gifts to videos you like. Cash for upload videos too!The inbuilt video editor allows users to upload content not more than 60 seconds. The video effect can be used to improve video quality before uploading. Users can also select their music of choice either locally or online. To trend videos, Facecast allows the use of hashtagstagging friends and also ensures categorizing videos, such as talent, travel, pet and funny etc. So that other users can easily navigate the platform to watch videos of their choice. Users can also share their videos on Googleplus, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They can copy link to the video to share on other social media platforms not currently included in the listed sharing icon. Other users have the right to report any video content which may violate any right.Meet Cool Strangers On FacecastUsers can find random people or strangers with same hobby or experience to make friends with, exchanging messages either by video or text, using the meet feature of the app. The meet feature has three functions: 1-On-1, Square and Nearby. The 1-On-1 randomly matches users and also features different stickers and filters users can select to make them appear more gorgeous. To cement new friendship, users only need to follow each other to continuously chat. In case users forgot to follow each other after chat, they can still do so by checking the chat record.   Square function allows users to check each other’s moments. When they find someone with same hobby or interest, they can comment and follow to become friends.  Nearby shows other users based on distance ? nearer ones appears first with the last time online. Users only have to commence chatting and who knows, a lifetime friendship may commence from there.Instant Social UpdatesFacecast allows users to share instant moment in pictures, watch live stream videos and share videos, connect with friends around the globe and post videos attached with music of choice.Facecast moments feature allows users to upload daily activities such as picture(s) while in a tourist park or on holiday. Public post will appear in moments and square at the same time. Only friends post just appear in Moments. Will Facecast Spy Your Phone?When Facecast application is launched on phone, it will request many permissions from users to access some features on their phone such as call, contacts and camera. The company said the application is not spying on users’ privacy whatsoever, that the permissions are required for better services.Facecast is currently available in two languages (English and Chinese). The team however said they are tirelessly working on making it available in other languages as their vision for the platform is global.Facecast Cool CashUsers can broadcast video anywhere, anytime they want while followers can like, comment, or gift the broadcasters using earned diamonds. Earned gift can be converted to cash, this creates an avenue for broadcasters to earn some cool money while catching fun.Also, active members on Facecast enjoy more functionality. The more video likes, comments and received gift and sent gift a user has, the higher the level. The level 10 qualifies users to earn exclusive gifts and level 20 enables special show effect.Earning Diamond On FacecastThe terms and condition of the platform allows users to earn diamond by either watching promoted videos ? for every watch, the user earns a diamond, and the user is allowed to watch for a maximum of five times every day, this means that a user can earn five diamonds daily; or inviting friends to get 30 diamonds for each friend that registered through the user’s link.Continual activities with rich rewardsFacecast host various topic activities frequently and prepare rich rewards for participants. Such as this Halloween, The company announced there will be Halloween star activity for live stream and trick or treat activity for video clips. Users stand a chance of winning the biggest $500 cash prize.
Why waiting? Hurry now! Download the app at  http://www.facecast.live to start connecting with friends across the globe, share moments in pictures and earn as you broadcast and upload videos!

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