Exports Fuel the Economy and Create Jobs

Protecting U.S. exports protects U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Press Release updated: Oct 31, 2017 16:38 EDT

More than 20 percent of all U.S. manufacturing jobs depend on exports, according to Nam Pham, Ph.D., managing partner of Washington-based ndp | analytics. “In addition, manufacturing exports make up $1.45 trillion or 7.8 percent of America’s GDP. As the United States renegotiates trade agreements around world, billions of dollars of U.S. exports and millions of jobs across the country are at risk”, he said. “It is critical that all Americans understand the tremendous impact of trade on our economy, on our jobs and on our everyday lives.”

According to ndp | analytics’ research, the top 10 states with the most jobs at risk are California, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York, and North Carolina. “The important point is protecting U.S. exports protects U.S. manufacturing jobs,” Dr. Pham said.

The research was undertaken by ndp | analytics, a consulting firm specializing in economic analysis and advocacy communication.

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ndp | analytics is a strategic economic consulting firm focused on data-driven analysis. We partner with our clients to build quantitative solutions to support their public policy issues and strengthen their messaging initiatives. We turn data into action.

Source: ndp | analytics

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