Espionage Thriller- “Operating Naked- A Black Bag Job” moves production from Canada to Mediterranean Shores

CANADA – 10-17-2018 ( —

The south coast of Spain, known for its glitz, glamour and gangsters, has been buzzing with the news that a new Hollywood television production ” Operating Naked-A Black Bag Job” currently filming in Toronto, Canada will move its production headquarters in November to Madrid and the south of Spain and will film six episodes there. This reflects a growing trend in television production with recent announcements by Netflix that they will be creating a production hub in Madrid, Spain and the recent use of Spanish historic locations as backdrops for blockbuster shows such as Game of Thrones and Berlin Station.”Operating Naked-A Black Bag Job” is an espionage thriller set in the 1990’s and based around the real life story of an American spy who worked in Spain during that time. The original manuscript was written by espionage writer, Jon Augustine, who worked as a writer on the famed television espionage drama ” Burn Notice”. The production is being produced by Memphis Writers led by the former BBC writer, Sutish Sharma and also by former Aaron Spelling entertainment executive, Pat Andrew of Wanda-Halcyon Television. Mr Andrew purchased the manuscript several years ago and originally based the production out of Canada.Lucia Juliette Morales
The production has interesting links with Spain particularly the glamourous Marbella area and features an up and coming talented young Spanish actress and native of Marbella, Lucia Juliette Morales, who will star in episodes 6-12 as the daughter of the lead protagonist. Miss Morales will appear along with a host of other talented high profile actors.  According to the production showrunner, Anne Marie Jordan, ” we are very excited to be working in Spain once more as we have previously filmed exteriors and establishment shots in and around the dramatic and beautiful cities of Ronda and Malaga”The Production office will be located in Malaga, Spain and will open on the 12th of November 2018. Historic Bridge- Ronda, Spain

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