Entrepreneur Jennifer Markham Announces New Athleisure Footwear Line, LISSOM

NEW YORK, NY – 10-10-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Entrepreneur Jennifer Markham will be launching this fall her new ultra-lightweight and chic mindful movement brand. These shoes put a modern twist on sneaker and ballet flats by giving women the chance to move beyond comfort fashionably. LISSOM will be launching their Flyte Collection on October 10, 2017.

Jennifer Markham achieved success in the U.K with her Jemima Vine shoe brand, a fashionable line of contemporary workwear flats and pumps. The brand attracted a large following of high profile, style-conscious women including Pippa Middleton.

With an ever-growing market of athleisure wear and accessories, Jennifer is exclusively launching LISSOM in the U.S with the Flyte Collection. The sole and structure of the brand ultimately reside in a mix between flats and sneakers that provides optimal support to your feet and movement – ensuring that you are constantly connecting with the ground and promoting neuro-muscular connection in style. LISSOM is also supported by world-renowned celebrity Podiatrist-Media Fitness expert and NIKE innovation Lab consultant Dr. Emily Splichal who will become the official Flyte Movement Expert for the brand.

“The Flyte Collection allows for the active woman to have a powerful, yet poised movement grounded in energy and balance through their shoe. I am a strong believer that being mindful can extend to the way your body moves and feels. I would love everyone to join me in feeling their strength in body and mind.” states Jennifer Markham, founder of LISSOM.

These innovative shoes are made up of several stretchy layers including materials that are typically found in athletic apparel. The patented outsoles offer amazing bounce and help you rediscover your connection with the ground. The Flyte collection is comprised of a single slip-on style in  9 colors including black, navy, silver, rose gold, grey python, colored python, grey with neon coral, orchid purple, and mint.

LISSOM’s website will launch in early October, however, the landing page is vastly growing in subscribers in the thousands with anticipation for the official launch. LISSOM is currently running an opportunity through Instagram to be the first to win a free pair of the Black Flyte’s by subscribing to their mailing list along with a chance to be a part of the official photoshoot.

The Flyte collection will be available for purchase online at www.LISSOM.com in October and will retail at $75-$89 dollars. For more information on LISSOM, please visit the website at www.LISSOM.com.


Inspired by dancers, yoga lovers, and the urban warrior, the footwear is designed for people who care about movement, giving wearers increased awareness and allowing them to tune in with their whole body, starting from the ground up. The principles of the mindful movement have been embedded into a simple, beautiful shoe. Going beyond comfort; small innovations and adjustments have been incorporated to create a shoe you’ll never want to take off, one that’s light, flexible and gently encourages conscious steps.

The brand’s purpose is to inspire women to move mindfully, therefore strengthening the body and soul. The shoe allows you to connect with the ground better. Welcoming the floor and strengthening your core provides you with greater stability and balance. The shoe is designed to be unstructured, super light and very flexible, enabling you to move more freely and wholly in line with the foot’s natural movement. How you move is as important as where you’re heading; feel the joy of movement.

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