Engineer Warehouse Launches Marketplace Offering Discount Products to Engineering, Architectural, and Industrial Businesses

United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque – 04-24-2019 ( — Engineer Warehouse has fully launched its B2C marketplace site offering warehouse clearance discounts on supplies and tools for engineers, architects, surveyors, construction workers, farmers, and other industrial trades. 

Engineer Warehouse offers products via from USA-based brands that are chosen for their reputation as industry leaders serving architectural and construction trades. Engineer Warehouse already has over 55 brand partnerships, with industry stalwarts such as TPI, Nedo, Luxor, Dahle, Dietzgen, and Northwest Instrument already well represented on the site. It is bringing hundreds of new products online via its website each week.

Besides selling direct to consumer, Engineer Warehouse is also establishing B2B partnerships with small businesses, farmers, engineering and architectural firms, schools, and government agencies, offering access to reduced prices for volume purchases.

“Initial response from brand manufacturers across the United States to our pitch has exceeded our expectations,” said Gayle Pascua, Business Development Associate, in charge of managing brand partnerships. “Many of the companies in this sector are trying to transition more of their business online as B2B buying practices have shifted from large custom phone orders to a la carte eCommerce. We offer value to these brands as a distribution channel through our data-driven marketing approach, and the early results show consumers appreciate our bargain prices and free shipping.”

Pascua adds that Engineer Warehouse has an internal goal to expand to over 300 brand partnerships by the end of 2019 with a target of increasing products offered from roughly 3,000 today to over 25,000 in its initial calendar year. This would make it one of the largest sites in the space, after Systemax’s Global Industrial.

Disrupting the Industry

Engineer Warehouse’s core competency lies in its experienced marketing team and practices. 

The marketing team is led by eCommerce and lead generation tech veterans with high volume data-driven media buying, site optimization, post-touch retargeting, and sales experience. The message to industry brands is that Engineer Warehouse will iterate its way to becoming a leading player in the space through investing and testing. Marketing is supported by large data analyst and content divisions, enabling the site to launch new products and expand the site’s catalog faster than almost any site online.

The sales pitch to consumers and businesses is simple. Through the sites’ scale and reach, Engineer Warehouse is able to offer drastically reduced prices on factory fresh inventory. And rather than passing the burden of large freight charges onto the customer, Engineer Warehouse offers free shipping on all orders over $50.

“When customers see how much they can save, they’re instantly sold.” Pascua concluded.

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