Enerpulse Inc. announces the sale of a controlling interest in its automotive and powersports aftermarket business

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO – 10-05-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — ALBUQUERQUE, October 5, 2018 – Enerpulse Inc. (“Enerpulse”) is pleased to announce the sale earlier this year of a controlling interest in its automotive and powersports aftermarket business to Passaic River Capital, LLC.  In connection with the transaction, the aftermarket unit was reorganized under a new entity named Pulstar LLC (“Pulstar”) and Lou Camilli, the founder of Enerpulse, left his role at Enerpulse to focus on the aftermarket unit.

As an independent company, Pulstar will continue developing and marketing high-performance ignition products for the aftermarket using, under license from Enerpulse, the patented plasma technology that was originally developed together with the Sandia National Lab in New Mexico.Independent lab testing and years of customer experience has shown that Pulstar Spark Plugs improves engine performance in ways conventional spark plugs can’t.
Camilli shared that customers notice the difference and they tell their friends. The strong, positive word-of-mouth referrals for their products has benefited the company. “In recent years, Pulstar Spark Plugs have become a favorite for more and more drivers and riders,” said Camilli. “People switch to Pulstar and get great results, so they stick with us.”
Pulstar Spark Plugs are designed, built, and tested for quality in the USA. Independent lab testing has verified that Pulstar Spark Plugs increase engine performance through faster and more complete fuel burn as well as reduced cycle to cycle variations in combustion initiation.Benefits include better throttle response, more torque, more power, less fuel consumption, lower emissions, more reliable ignition and less engine vibration.
The company’s website, www.Pulstar.com, provides both retail and auto industry customers with full background information and history, details about the intensive testing Pulstar Spark Plugs undergo, and a catalog for matching the right Pulstar Spark Plugs to different vehicles. Visitors can learn more about the company’s patented Plasma Core technology.

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