Dubai-Born Activewear Brand, SQUAT WOLF Takes the Middle East by Storm.Next Stop is the USA and Europe

United Arab Emirates, Dubai – 04-04-2019 ( — SQUAT WOLF ( is the first Dubai born and designed activewear brand. SQUAT WOLF was founded to create a fitness brand that Dubai can own. Their mission is to establish Dubai at the forefront of fitness and active lifestyle. After only two years in the industry, SQUAT WOLF has taken Dubai and the UAE by storm.

They are already one of the topgym wear brands in the UAE and with more than 75% of the orders coming in from the international markets like the KSA, UK, US, and Europe; the next goal for the Dubai born brand is to be one of the top gym wear brands in the world.


Wajdan Gul, co-founded SQUAT WOLF two years ago out of his own struggle and need to find an active-wear brand in Dubai that not only looked stylish and fitted well but could also withstand seriously intense workouts. They followed a fairly simple principle, if you can’t find a solution, create one, and SQUAT WOLF was born.

Wajdan Gul says, “It was clear to us that many of the big brands were already offering best in class quality. Their designs, on the other hand, were pretty monotonous or just plain boring. We set out to challenge the status quo and offer gym wear with similar best in class quality that is also kicking it in the ‘style’ and ‘fit’ department.”

Every product at SQUAT WOLF has been engineered for an active lifestyle, all the way from fit to stitch and fabric, keeping in mind daily gym goers and fulfilling their need along the way. They have also enlisted many UAE trainers and local athletes to help them engineer their products, select the fabrics and other materials.

Initially, SQUAT WOLF introduced gym clothes for men only, but as they grew and learned from the market, they realized that there was an entire untapped market that they had not explored and the SQUAT WOLF Women Line came into being. Theirworkout clothes for women not only focused on functionality but also had a heavy emphasis on the style and aesthetics of the clothes. That being said, whether they produced clothes for men or women, one thing stayed constant and that was their unmatched quality.



True Athletic Fit®

SQUAT WOLF believes gym athletes shouldn’t compromise on ‘Performance’ for ‘Style’ or ‘Fit.’ They need gear that accentuates their v-tapered physique. Gear that fits right and is specially made for their ‘athletic shaped bodies.’ SQUAT WOLF works with gym athletes from different backgrounds to make sure the fit is true to their size and fits perfectly in the right areas and on the right muscles. They call it “True Athletic Fit®. “



Quality Above Everything

SQUAT WOLF went all out to make sure that the quality of the gear is second to none. They designed a number of fabrics that are engineered specially to withstand even the toughest of workouts.

Wajdan Gul says, “We are a Dubai born brand, and we take it seriously. Like everything that comes out of Dubai, we wanted to make sure right from the start that SQUAT WOLF produces the best quality gear. We really work hard to make sure everything we produce stands the test of times and the intense workouts our community does in them”.

Whether it isgym wear for men or women, SQUAT WOLF promises comfort, sweat-wicking, odor control, and quick dry fabrics, so you never have to feel “not in control” in the gym again.



Customer-Centric Approach

Another great thing about SQUAT WOLF that helped it grow so fast is their customer support.

The co-founder of SQUAT WOLF had this to say about customer service “Being a customer myself for many activewear brands out there, I understand the struggle of getting the size that fits right or going through all the hassle just to get your order delivered. For that reason, we wanted to offer free deliveries*, free exchanges and returns to our customers, so they don’t have to face the same struggles.”

SQUAT WOLF is right now working with Aramex and DHL to deliver their products within 24 to 48 hours in UAE and 2 to 4 days anywhere in the world with their central warehouses in Dubai. They also plan to have multiple distribution centers around the world to reach their international customers within 24-48 hours window.

Community First

In the last two years of SQUAT WOLF operations, they have done hundreds of instructional and motivational videos with local fitness trainers to promote active life and healthy living.

Also, they have supported and amplified the content of hundreds of fitness trainers of the UAE and beyond. The mission of SQUAT WOLF is to keep motivating and inspiring everyone to ‘lead the pack’ with relentless commitment.

They aim to deliver a platform for the health and fitness of community, with the integration of innovation and design for ultimate performance. Be it products, education, inspiration or lifestyle; SQUAT WOLF wants to provide it all under one roof.

They have impacted over 10 million people in Middle-East with their fitness content and inspired them to go to the gym and work hard towards their fitness.

It won’t be surprising to see this brand next to some of the giants of the industry in the near future. That being said, only time will tell how far this brand goes with their ambitious plans of being one of the top gym wear brands in the world.



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