DRY JANUARY HALFTIME REPORT – Beer Lovers Restock with Zero Alcohol Sparkling Hop Waters

United States, California, Anaheim – 01-15-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — For those still on track to finish the Dry January challenge or for those about to start a “Half Dry January” zero alcohol, zero calorie, zero carb sparkling hoppy waters are making Dry January easier than ever for beer lovers. 

With alcohol alternatives and sparkling hoppy waters being named a top 10 trend for 2020 by Whole Foods and Forbes,  national brand H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water and other local followers offer a new way to keep you feeling hoppy, social and in compliance.  These hop waters boast zero alcohol, zero calories and zero carbs with a refreshing new taste.   According to a 2019 Nielsen study, “Millennials are driving the mindful drinking movement, as 66% say they’re making efforts this year to reduce their alcohol consumption—well above the average 47% among all U.S. consumers 21 and older.” A significant… “54% of consumers said they abstained from alcohol at some point (such as Dry January) during 2018, with 50% citing health as the primary motivator.” Traditionally the go to for abstainers and moderators are non-alcoholic beers.  According to Paul Tecker, H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water founder and category pioneer, “these sugary malt beverages are full of calories and lack the refreshing taste that hop water provides.”   Without the malts and yeast in beer, these hoppy sparkling waters naturally have zero alcohol, zero calories and are even gluten free. We are not trying to replicate beer, but rather create something entirely different. I describe it as a sparkling water brewed with premium aroma hops.  Its created like brewing craft beer, but only with hops. The result is something like the most refreshing beer you can imagine.”About H2OPS LLC:  Founded in 2014 by Paul Tecker after creating the first commercially brewed hop brewed sparkling water.  H2OPS is the pioneer of the category and is distributed widely across the US in stores like, Whole Foods, BevMo!, Cost Plus World Market and the Fresh Markets.  H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water was the winner of the Beverage Innovation of the Year award by Beverage Industry Magazine (Jan 2019) and sparkling hop waters were named a top 10 trend for 2020 by Forbes Magazine (Oct 2019) and Whole Foods Markets. New hop water brands include Lagunitas HOP and several offered by regional craft breweries.

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Company Name: H2OPS Hopped Sparkling Water – H2OPS LLC
Full Name: Paul Tecker
Phone: 7143924414
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Website: www.h2ops.com

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