Drug-Free Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Saves Michigan Man $200K Since 1991

Press Release updated: Oct 24, 2017 08:00 EDT

A Michigan man says his 26-year experiment in treating his type 2 diabetes – using diet, exercise and positive thinking as his only “medicine”  – has not only left him in excellent health at age 81, but has likely saved him tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Bonaparte C. Damocles was diagnosed in 1991 at age 55. He brought his blood sugar down more than 300 points after just 10 days of rigorous exercise and dietary discipline, convincing his doctor to let him proceed without medication. Now 81, he has none of the trademark complications of the disease that afflicts more than one-fourth of all Americans age 65 and over.

Using figures provided by the American Diabetes Association, which reports that people with type 2 diabetes incur $7,900 in annual health care costs directly attributable to diabetes, Damocles estimates he has saved more than $205,000.

“If I can do it, so can others,” says Damocles, co-author of Type 2 Diabetes Pioneer: The No-Drug Success Story That Keeps Getting Better Year After Year. The book, by health writer Tanya Isch Caylor, is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. (A review copy in PDF format is attached.)

Though type 2 diabetes is often described as a progressive disease that gets worse over time, Damocles believes his case study shows this isn’t necessarily true.

“Type 2 diabetes is actually an easy disease to manage,” he says. “All it takes is for a type 2 diabetic to realize that its cause or causes should be reversed.”

In his case, Damocles realized that he needed to abandon the Western diet he adopted after immigrating to the U.S. from the Philippines 45 years ago. But he could not reverse-engineer his sedentary lifestyle, because it simply wasn’t possible for him to go back to life without a car. Instead, he came up with a simple indoor exercise regimen that fit his daily routine, which at the time involved caring for an adult son with a terminal illness. He applied the positive philosophy that helped him fulfill his dream of immigrating to America to his diet-and-exercise program.

Now Damocles hopes to repay his adopted country with a simple, affordable prescription for an epidemic that costs the U.S. $245 billion annually, according to the ADA.

“If type 2 diabetes is truly a harmless disease, as it has been to me since 1991, then health care costs could and should be several hundred billion dollars cheaper every year,” Damocles says. “If I can do this, then others can, too.”

Tanya Isch Caylor
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Bonaparte C. “Bonny” Damocles
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Source: Type 2 Diabetes Pioneer: The No-Drug Success Story That Keeps Getting Better Year After Year

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