Dr. Rahat Faderani Uses Advanced Technologies to Give Accurate Injuries Diagnosis for Professional Athletes

Press Release updated: Oct 27, 2017 15:58 EDT

​​​An authoritative figure in his field, Dr. Rahat Faderani helps patients get an accurate diagnosis when it comes to injuries resulting from sports injuries, car accidents, and everyday activities that can take a toll on our bodies, especially as we age.

Using the latest discoveries to diagnose injuries, Dr. Rahat Faderani built a positive reputation that attracted professional athletes from the Miami area needed to get healthy as soon as possible.

The specialists use MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) and fluoroscopy to diagnose his patients and non-invasive methods for more complicated injuries.

I always follow up with the athletes after they leave and recover from injury. I want them to know if they need care and a professional medical opinion in the future, I’m always going to be there.

Rahat Faderani

Another reason why he is so well-known in the Miami area is his approach to treatment. He only uses non-addictive painkillers, which is extremely important since many patients become addicted to their painkillers. Dr. Rahat Faderani makes sure the painkillers he prescribes don’t contain any addictive substances.

In the middle of an opiate crisis, very few specialists understand that they shouldn’t compromise on the quality of medications. Strong opiates might be inexpensive, but they are also quite addictive.

The specialist has a firm grasp of one of the many barriers his patients must deal with when it comes to American medical services: the language barrier. In addition to serving athletes, Dr. Rahat Faderani is also an active member of his community, where he offers free medical services to people in underserved areas. In areas like this, speaking a number of languages is a must.

He slowly built up his strong reputation, and he is now recognized as the go-to resource for professional athletes.

Dr. Rahat Faderani adds that it’s very hard for anyone to trust a doctor when they aren’t sure what’s going on around them. This is why he invested his time into learning a number of languages that could help him build long-term relationships with his patients and receive recommendations.

“I hear about stories from my patients about other medical facilities who don’t understand just how important the trust factor is when choosing a doctor,” said Dr. Rahat Faderani. “Breaking down that barrier is such a relief to some of my patients, and to go along with the great care from my team is the reason why they trust their family to come here too.”

He not only believes that learning a number of languages benefits any specialist, but he is also very straight-forward with his diagnosis.

“I always follow up with the athletes after they leave and recover from injury. I want them to know if they need care and a professional medical opinion in the future, I’m always going to be there,” says Dr. Rahat Faderani.

He also highlights the importance of staying in touch with patients, sometimes for health reasons and other times just to show that you genuinely care about the people who come to your office for help.

“I always follow up with the athletes, even after they have fully recovered from injury. The athletes appreciate the friendship and care; it’s something they don’t experience with many medical professionals.”

The specialist can be found in three locations in Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach.

When he’s not treating patients in these locations, he’s teaching for free at a local university and provides free medical services at the Caridad free clinic.

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