Dr. Bahram Habibi Helps Puerto Rico to Rebuild Following Hurricane Maria’s Destructive Wrath.

Press Release updated: Oct 24, 2017 15:58 EDT

The powerful hurricane’s path hit the island hard in September and is still feeling the effects one month later.

There have been many immediate responders to the island, including Dr. Bahram Habibi. He has helped the victims of Hurricane Maria in many ways since it was clear what the destruction was. 

When government officials started to warn the citizens of Puerto Rico about the oncoming storm, Dr. Habibi made his way to help prepare. 

But as the storm hit the island, it became apparent how severe the effects of the hurricane would be. 

Dr. Bahram Habibi credits his crew of skilled first responders that accompanied him on the trip. Equipped with life-saving machinery, they were able to keep the death toll reasonably low compared to other similar natural disasters. 

Not only did Dr. Habibi and his crew help victims with life-saving procedures, but he was also hands-on with rescuing people who were trapped in the rumble of many homes. He also helped victims to safe refuge for the rest of the storm and 

The relief efforts right off the storm hit were instrumental in saving many lives. The number of first responders was not as high as initially thought because the island was hard to get to once the storm hit. Dr. Habibi and his crew benefited from arriving early and preparing.

The hospitals of Puerto Rico were severely hit during the storm, which has hindered the relief efforts and assisting those who need medical attention. This also has left the government of Puerto Rico scrambling to deal with the damage and to restore a functional health system.

Because of the crippling health system because of the hurricane, Dr. Bahram Habibi plans to stay in Puerto Rico longer than expected. Rather than leaving a few days after the storm hitting and letting citizens deal with the effects, he will continue to help for the foreseeable future.

The cleanup process is still ongoing and will take many years to fully recover. Thousands are left without their homes or shelter after the storm. Dr. Habibi has temporary provided accommodation to those whose homes were utterly destroyed and rendered uninhabitable. 

To accommodate as many citizens as he can, Dr. Habibi and his team have set up special camps were survivors can safely reside in. The decision to set up these shelters have greatly helped hundreds of people who would otherwise have nowhere else to go during these trying times.

Dr. Bahram Habibi is thinking about the future of Puerto Rico and their people. Hospitals and other medical facilities have the frustrating task of monitoring and caring for victims who need long-term care. Essential equipment at these hospitals has to function correctly and need electricity to run. Because of the storm, medical care has become a struggle to provide.

But Dr. Habibi has provided generators to many of these hospitals, giving them the power to these pieces of equipment. Because of this assistance, many lives have been saved.

While much of the island continues to operate without essentials, Dr. Habibi’s efforts are making a difference in many lives. 

While many others would like to be recognized for their efforts, Dr. Bahram Habibi does not seek attention. He just wants the people of Puerto Rico to push on and survive for years to come. 

He would love to come back to the island years from now and be able to enjoy beautiful luxuries Puerto Rico has to offer. He knows the people will overcome this after witnessing first hand the human resilience during this horrible disaster.

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