Disrupting the Construction Industry: Sigma Estimates Partners With RSMeans Data to Bring New Opportunities for 5D BIM

Strategic collaboration with RSMeans data from Gordian with a Live-Link to Autodesk Revit set to transform the construction industry

Press Release updated: Oct 31, 2017 15:03 EDT

Sigma Estimates Partners with RSMeans data from Gordian to address the evolution of 5D BIM.

Strategic collaboration with RSMeans data from Gordian with a live link to Autodesk Revit set to transform the North American construction industry

October 26, 2017

Through this platform, we provide an integrated, real-time view of project design, cost and schedule. We built Sigma to be a 5D BIM and estimating platform. Unlike alternative solutions, Sigma is 100% adoptable and object-oriented like the fundamental principles of BIM.

Magnus Terkildsen, CEO, Sigma Estimates

Toronto, Canada – Sigma Estimates, a global leader in estimating software, announced today that in conjunction with RSMeans data from Gordian, they are transforming the 5D construction industry by delivering a single, integrated 5D platform to enable the next level of 5D Virtual Design and Construction VDC workflows.

“Through this platform, we provide an integrated, real-time view of project design, cost and schedule,” explained Magnus Therkildsen, CEO of Sigma Estimates. “We built Sigma to be a 5D BIM and estimating platform. Unlike alternative solutions, Sigma is 100% adoptable and object-oriented like the fundamental principles of BIM.”

By leveraging Sigma with Gordian’s RSMeans data through live integration to Revit, users gain direct access to cost and estimation tools through all stages of the project lifecycle. The platform provided by the three systems brings together planning, design and finance in real time, granting users a fast, data-driven solution grounded by the familiarity of spreadsheets:

  • Sigma Estimates – the most user-friendly professional estimating software on the market to sync 3D, 4D and 5D technologies in a collaborative environment.
  • RSMeans data from Gordian – access to North America’s leading construction cost and productivity information, providing insights into costs and risk elements across all project stages.
  • Revit from Autodesk – leverage intelligent linking of your traditional 3D models from Revit with 5D BIM results in a fully dynamic real-time model

“The solution combines design, finance and real-time updates in VDC, providing users with instant access to RSMeans data, the most trusted construction cost data with industry-leading accuracy, directly integrated in their workflow,” said Noam Reininger, Chief Data Officer, Gordian. “This radically improves budgeting and planning decisions throughout the project lifecycle by providing more up-to-date, accurate and specific cost data within the software environment that the user is most comfortable with.”

The combination of these solutions aligns 3D models with 4D scheduling and 5D costs to create useful information to explore consequence of what you want to build in terms of finance and risk.

By aligning 3D models with 4D scheduling and 5D costs, construction professionals benefit from improved efficiency, increased profitability, reduced risks and less need for changes and rework. The 5D BIM platform provided by Sigma Estimates in combination with RSMeans data from Gordian and Autodesk Revit will enable the construction industry to stay competitive, ensure growth and embrace the next level of 5D VDC workflows.

“We see 5D BIM as an imperative. The close coupling of 3D and 5D BIM is crucial for achieving more effective project insight and overview, thus allowing for better-managed projects,” imparted Sarah Hodges, Director, Construction Business Line for Autodesk.

About Sigma

Sigma Estimates is the next-generation estimating and 5D BIM/VDC software for the construction industry; a user-friendly tool to save time and eliminate mistakes. Sigma Estimates help estimators work smarter with unparalleled data validating, slice and dice functionality, reuse of data, seamless integration with other programs, and the familiarity of spreadsheets. The powerful, yet intuitive platform for architects, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors offers one platform for all users from across the construction industry to deliver more successful projects of all sizes and all levels of complexity.

#1 leading estimation software in Northern Europe – Used on over 97 countries – Taught at 25+ colleges/universities

About Gordian
Gordian (www.gordian.com) is the leader in facility and construction cost data, software and services for all phases of the building lifecycle. A pioneer of Job Order Contracting, Gordian’s solutions also include our proprietary RSMeans and Sightlines data. We offer the largest collection of labor, material and equipment data and associated costs in the world with over 275,000 construction tasks with costs for all areas of construction. From planning to design, procurement, construction and operations, Gordian’s solutions help clients maximize efficiency, optimize cost savings and increase building quality.

Media contact:​
​Krista Friis​
P: 4168437917
E: [email protected]

Source: Sigma Estimates, RSMeans data by Gordian, Autodesk Revit

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