QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – 01-24-2019 ( — Digital Junkies has uniquely captured the Facebook ads market with a proven strategy for sales success through a performance based advertising model and is now taking on 5 lucky businesses per month to achieve the same success.

Unlike traditional marketing, the model for performance based advertising means that an advertiser won’t be paid unless the client makes money or reaches their advertising goal. The arrangement means that goals are much more closely aligned in a client / advertiser relationship. 
“Digital marketing is like the wild west. We live in an expanding and advancing digital world. The way advertising is delivered is complex and ultra-competitive. Business of all sizes and industries are not only struggling to keep up with the advancements but finding it hard to understand the strategies, technology and terminology,” said Digital Junkies Director Joe Brown.
“This environment leads to a vast number of digital cowboys promising huge reach, extra ‘likes’ and increased keyword rankings but when they receive a report what does it say? Is it telling them the conversion rate of the website and what split tested content and creative worked or didn’t work, does it tell you how much each lead cost, how much was each phone call and how long did each call take? Does it tell you that you put $10 in and $100 was made?” he said.
Mr Brown said his team was able to bridge the gap in this space by delivering industry-leading results using a performance-based advertising model. 
“We are successfully and consistently delivering between 4 and 12 ROAS for our existing eCommerce clients. We are so confident in our strategies because we’re achieving these results month in month out, consistently.”
A common ROAS (Return on ad spend) benchmark is a 4:1 ratio, where $4 of revenue is attributed to $1 in ad spend. Digital Junkies are smashing the benchmark by delivering up to 12 on a consistent basis.
“We are addicted to results and we provide a very rare service offering for performance-based advertising. If we don’t get the results, we don’t get paid. So our best interest, is always a client’s best interest,” said Mr Brown.
Digital Junkies are offering to take on 5 new businesses per month to join the successful ranks of the clients they currently work with. To find out if your business fits the criteria, vist – ENDS

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