Degitronix Expands Mortgage Phone Lead Solutions That Will Provide a 400 Percent Increase in Customer Activity.

Press Release updated: Oct 20, 2017 15:47 PDT

Degitronix, the newest front-runner in lead creation is celebrating another breakthrough in their addition of collective services due to customer growth and market penetration. Closing out the third quarter with a 400 percent increase in phone lead generation to their call service center, Degitronix also added four new products to the online market including a virus and bacteria killing water straw and solar-powered saltwater filters.

Its Mortgage Solutions Platform began earlier this year with three main channels consisting of short form phone leads and pre-qualified live transfers, including exclusivity, follow-up and assurance plans.

The Degitronix Omni-Channel network includes double opted-in emails, SMS text, mailers, SEO landing pages, funnel marketing, social media, press releases, content marketing and online ad networks. Their funnel process captures nearly all shopping personality types to advertise and market to.

Inbound customers are famously known for being a high-quality source because they are actively searching for these services to engage in at that point in time. By collecting short form leads online from introverted personalities, it allows that type of shopper to acclimate to the process as opposed to the extroverted shopper that wants to talk over the phone with a real live person immediately. All types are carefully handled and guided through the process at their pace, creating a perfect environment for the customer.

By the end of 2017, Degitronix will be in perfect position to receive awards from internet marketing competitions and local business awards. Owned and operated in the United States, the company was started by insurance and mortgage dealers, and other key niche personnel that understands the value of high-quality leads — and created a process to provide just that.

Keyth Inskeep, the Regional Manager for Degitronix and professional cooperate manager for over 15 years. “Since our Mortgage Solutions started, we’ve had an incredible response,” Keyth said. “But in 2018 we really want to focus on a core group of businesses and make them great, making sure they are a good fit for us is the key.”

Owned and operated in the United States, the company was started by insurance, mortgage, dealers and other key niche personnel that understand the value of high-quality leads and created a process to provide just that.

Degitronix is currently expanding their call service center by 40 percent in Q1 of 2018.

About Degitronix

Degitronix is a data-driven business developer that offers marketing services specializing in lead generation and online marketing performance. Founded in 2017, Degitronix is a complete in-house digital marketing solution.

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Keyth Inskeep

Source: Degitronix

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