Dad Invents Product After Stepping on a LEGO®

United States, Illinois, Marengo – 05-15-2019 ( — New Storage Solution, the SlideAway, Makes LEGO® Cleanup a Three Second Job – Over Halfway Funded on Kickstarter in Just Two Days


Parents to five, Adam & Dana Sue Hinkle, are taking Kickstarter by a storm with their new patent-pending LEGO-Storage solution, the SlideAway. Over halfway funded in just two days, backers are excited to see a product that can clean up over seven gallons of spread out LEGO® bricks in a few seconds.


“The SlideAway was born from too many nights stepping on those painful LEGOs®in the dark,” says Hinkle, founder of Creative QT. “The challenge of getting kids to not spread their toys out on the floor felt impossible. Our solution was simple: give them a place to spread their toys out and make it fast to clean up.”


Like no other storage basket available, the SlideAway features an attached 52-inch rimmed nylon play mat that toys slide out on to for play. When ready to clean up, simply stand, pull the handles and all the toys slide back in to the basket. Clean up takes seconds and the play mat gently tucks into the top of the basket and a matching lid means toys are out-of-sight.


“With five kids of our own, we designed the SlideAway out of our own sheer desperation to find a way to keep our kids’ LEGOs®contained,” says Hinkle. “We’re thrilled that fellow parents are as excited about the SlideAway as we are.”


While new to Kickstarter, this is not the Hinkle’s first-time releasing a one-of-a-kind innovative product. The Hinkle’s company, Creative QT, has a strong reputation for delivering first-to-market products designed specifically to help declutter toys. Their product collection has received national media attention from the likes of Good Housekeeping, Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, Buzzfeed, Business Insider and more. 


“Creative QT, which stands for Creative Quality Time, has been a labor of love” says Hinkle. “We’ve built these toy storage and organization products as parents, for parents, because we saw an opportunity and a need to help families Make Time Together.”


Learn more about the SlideAway’s Kickstarter Campaign on or on the company’s website,


Built by parents for parents, Creative QT creates practical yet inspired toys to declutter homes, inspire creative play, and help families Make Time Together. We help you control the chaos—and even look past it to embrace its creators. Learn more and view the entire collection at

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