Credit Counsel Inc Makes Debt Collection Less Stressful

Press Release updated: Oct 26, 2017 10:45 EDT

​​Credit Counsel Inc helps companies recover their money from businesses and individuals without having to worry about unpaid invoices again.

The company is based in Miami, Florida and works nationally and internationally. It specializes in debt collections in a number of industries.

Professionalism is key, as the Credit Counsel Inc works like a representative for their clients. This is why they use a number of methods without harming the image of their clients.

At times, the debt collection company can recover all the money at once. However, in special cases, payment plans are made, minor discounts are negotiated, or guidance is provided to debtors. This includes recommending a financial institution that may help them with their financial troubles, or anything that would ultimately build trust and show good intentions.

Credit Counsel Inc is fully dedicated to presenting themselves as helpers to debtors and to making the negotiation process as smooth as possible while supporting their client’s expectations.

“We know well that the process can be quite stressful both for companies and for debtors. This is why we always proceed with empathy,” said a spokesperson at Credit Counsel Inc.

“Our services include medical, commercial, international, and occupational health collections. When it comes to health collections, we deal with controverted claims linked to medical bills, either through a payment plan or personal insurance,” he said.

Business claims are also covered when the employer does not offer coverage, or when the first report of injury was never filed.

Insurance companies have their own tactics to avoid paying for outstanding medical bills. However, their seasoned, full-time debt collectors have seen it all, and they are trained to weed through all the technicalities of insurance companies and get the money you deserve.

Credit Counsel Inc also deals with the technicalities of commercial collections, where their team managed to bring their recovery rate up to twice the average rate in the industry.

Another benefit of working with Credit Counsel Inc is the “no charge if we do not collect” policy that ensures that each penny is well spent. In other words, if they do not get any results, clients do not have to pay for anything.

The key to success is a system developed around credit data analysis that investigates the liability and financial power of your clients. On top of this, you will receive an attorney if necessary, and no retainer fee is required. Plus, you will also have an organization that is a leader in its industry on your side.

Medical collections are tricky too, but you can keep your earnings and your clients if you decide to use a professional service that will act using empathy and professionalism.

Credit Counsel Inc makes this promise to all of their clients. It uses their team’s experience to motivate patients to pay their medical bills as quickly as possible without damaging your company’s image.

“Medical collections also let your patients know you are serious about receiving your earnings without making a bad impression,” said a spokesperson.

Insurance companies are a hassle to deal with when it comes to medical bills and delayed payments. You also have to deal with waiting on the phone endless minutes only to be told that they have no record of your claim. Since professional debt collectors already know many of tips and tricks, they do not back down so easily.

Many times, insurers refuse to pay based on inaccurate assumptions or technicalities that they manipulate in their favor. However, a professional debt collection service can help you make it through a long and complicated process and get your hard-earned money back.

Credit Counsel Inc is a professional debt recovery service based in Florida that started their activity in 1997. They offer a “no collection, no charge policy” for all of their clients.

Source: Credit Counsel Inc.

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