Cooking healthy food is no longer a tiring, time-consuming, and difficult affair.

GOA, INDIA – 09-13-2017 — The Miser Chef, published by Authority on Demand, addresses the key challenges to follow a healthy diet, with easy-to-cook, delicious, and healthy recipes.

Lifestyle disorders due to poor eating habits have become a commodity amongst the working class due to their busy, fast-paced lifestyle. Nowadays, people have very little time to take care of themselves and fall prey to ominous health disorders. This, in turn, leaves a lasting and hazardous impact on their health in the long term.

Cooking and access to healthy foods have been a major concern, as people resort to cheap and convenient unhealthy foods that are easily available. A guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with less time and effort has been the need of the hour.

The Miser Chef, written by Girish Saansgiri, is a comprehensive guide with practical, easy to use solutions to bad eating habits. It addresses the three main challenges of cooking – time, money, and skill. It contains a treasury of hundreds of easy-to-cook recipes, ranging from dishes with meat, poultry, and fish to a separate section for vegetarians; the ingredients are also easily accessible. Detailed nutritional information is provided for each serving along with exclusive tips for saving time and money.

The author, Girish Saansgiri, is a visionary with a great passion for writing and the culinary arts. Girish’s vision is to write a series of recipe books, each focusing on a theme or a type of food that could easily be prepared by someone who wouldn’t be considered your typical cook. He urges his readers to feel welcome to share recipes, thoughts, and ideas for the greater good of health and lifestyle.

The book is available as a hard copy and an e-book at Amazon at a reasonable price.

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About the Author – Girish Saansgiri is a science graduate with a diploma in Naturopathy and Acupressure. He has traveled extensively to more than eight countries to understand and experience the diversities in food and culture. Girish, from a family filled with medical professionals, derives inspiration and knowledge from his wife and other family members.

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