Company Seeks to Open World-Class Freelancing Marketplace Linking Freelancers with Businesses across the World

UNITED STATES – 05-22-2020 ( — There is no doubt that the current global crisis has presented uncertain times with millions losing their jobs and looking for alternative ways of earning a living. Companies have realized the importance of embracing and outsourcing talent from online freelancing platforms. Most people are now choosing to work remotely as they keep away from their co-workers. Unfortunately, this has also led to stiff competition as freelancers strive to get the limited opportunities. As a way of carving out new opportunities for the next generation of freelancers, a new exciting freelancing platform 30Hours is set to be launched.

Unlike other freelancing platforms, 30Hours seeks to build a leveled freelancing platform where freelancers are given a free and fair opportunity to sell their skills. Most of the online freelancing platforms are saturated leading to stiff competition with hundreds of thousands of freelancers with extensive experience, references, reviews and account privileges. By backing up its project on Kickstarter, 30Hours lets freelancers to be part of the process of bringing this platform to the world with a great reward for unmatched privileges. Freelancers will also be charged a lower fee as compared to other platforms.

Speaking about the exciting project, Lawrence Chiu- the project leader emphasized on the need to level the freelancing marketplace.

“Our goal is to help diversify the pool of freelancers and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to become successful, whether he/she is an experienced seller or just getting started. It’s time to establish a new environment for the society, and give more people the ability to work online and build their new income stream. We are leveraging people’s power, creativity and leadership to change the way the world works. With 30Hours, everyone will get to Jumpstart their accounts, whether you are a buyer or a freelancer. You can open an account with privileges and benefits while enjoying the full account features.”

The platform also resolves common freelancing challenges such as isolation. The team feature provides an opportunity for the freelancer to meet new people and learn from other freelancers on the platform. A buyer can engage with 5 freelancers on a single job. The team feature has advanced communication tools to ensure collaboration on one project. provides a great opportunity for new sellers and buyers to begin their next success story.

30hours Campaign Award V3 from Zeleritaz Channel on Vimeo.

Some of the unmatched privileges for the backers of the project on Kickstarter include an early account access and registration, profile featuring, social media spotlight posting and an exclusive title badge.

About 30Hours

30Hours is a unique freelancing platform that leverages people’s Power, creativity and leadership to change the way the world works. Our Platform is for the people by the people, meaning it will be funded by everyone in the industry, buyers and sellers. Our goal is to help diversify the pool of freelancers and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to become successful, wither he/she is an experienced seller or just getting started. You can be part of this journey by backing up our project on Kickstarter.

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Company Name: Zeleritaz International Group – 30hours
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