Community Activist -Allen Feaster Fought to Close Youth Prisons, Now He’s Fighting Cancer

SAN LEANDRO, CA – 10-12-2018 ( — Allen Feaster Fought to Close Youth Prisons, Now He’s Fighting Cancer

Gofundme page: www.gofundme/

Founding Member of Families for Books Not Bars is Fighting Cancer

Zachary Norris, May 03, 2018

Allen Feaster is one of the founding members of Families for Books Not Bars, a statewide network of families of youth incarcerated in California’s youth prisons. Allen’s eighteen-year old son Durrell died inside the Preston Youth Correctional Facility, and Allen turned the pain and questions surrounding his son’s death outward, becoming a fierce advocate for all children locked inside California’s youth prison system and helping to expose the rampant human rights violations they faced. Allen’s hard work with Families for Books Not Bars led to five California youth prisons shutting down and a drastic reduction in the state’s youth prison population.

Now Allen is fighting to beat stage IV pancreatic cancer

His insurance doesn’t cover the procedure that he needs, so he must raise funds to pay for it.

I had just started my career as an organizer at the Ella Baker Center when I first met Allen, and he embodied many of the qualities that I would learn were critical to empowering people to create positive change. The way he shared his experience and energy so selflessly inspired others to move from a place of dissatisfaction or despair and take action.

Allen is facing this new challenge with the same fearlessness he used to take on the California Youth Authority, and his colleagues at the Ella Baker Center are standing with him.


For more information about Allen’s social justice work with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, go to:

Find more information at his gofundmepage: www.gofundme/

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Please contact:Terry O’Neal (510) 200-2634 for questions on Allen’s Gofundmepage and His current Situation.

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Company Name: Terry O’Neal
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Website: www.gofundme/

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