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United States – 12-14-2019 ( — In this technologically advanced era, where a lot seems to develop daily, it’s essential to remain flexible, adapt quickly, and keep going.

Christian Corah was born in Poway, California. He graduated from Poway High in 1997 and then graduated from the University of San Diego in 2002. During these years, he won several awards while helping the teams he was a part of teams win championships.Christian Corah Orange County carried forward his competitive spirit into his career. He began as a loan officer. In this role, he assisted college graduates at the Student Loan Consolidation Center with consolidating their student loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program.After earning recognition as a loan officer, Christian Corah fulfilled a role as a residential loan officer in consumer finance. From here, he moved up into management positions at Union Fidelity Mortgage. Christian Corah Orange County then moved into commercial finance after the 2008 market crash. He leveraged his sales and marketing skills, helping business owners in need of short term and long term solutions.Christian’s vast knowledge of credit and experience with both consumer and commercial lending, led to his success. Moreover, he could apply the latest technologies that helped systemize and standardize the application and underwriting processes.He believes in failure as a means of rebuilding and understanding things better, which explains why he is willing to accept his flaws and recognize failure quickly. The quicker you do that, the faster you can find a solution. Christian experienced massive failure when he thought that when the 2008 real estate market crashed, he believed he could “outwork” the newly depressed market. When that “resulted in professional failure,” he had to “identify a new market” where his skills were still applicable to commercial finance.Importance of Daily CommunicationCommunication is vital for any successful person, and so, his client and lender communications are a priority. Additionally, checking on new prospects is a must to ensure new business coming in.Prospective Business is Important Christian Corah also checks on his daily pipeline of loans to make sure that nothing is stuck anywhere in the process. Making sure that things are always moving forward is a key leadership trait, where Christian doesn’t need to ask anyone else for updates because he takes complete responsibility for this.Fresh Ideas and Constant InnovationChristian likes to follow Nike and  “Just do it”. He believes you should not wait to take that first step toward success. Christian’s captivation with blockchain technology is an example. He believes that in these times when technology is booming, there is still room for limitless applications that are still waiting to be discovered. Christian Corah Orange County has a habit of writing things down, which is a habit as an entrepreneur that has brought him success. Notably, writing down new ideas is a powerful means of kick-starting them. He believes that if you think of something that can shape your business, it is something you should note down and keep it safe, so you work on it.In line with writing things down, Christian highly recommends the use of lists, which help you prioritize and visibly gauge your progress.While he says that not many might agree with him, but he believes he is pretty patient while admitting that he wastes no time in adopting new technology. He, this, says, it’s to remain flexible and agile is essential. At the same time, Christian Corah Orange County has displayed a unique ability to recognize superior methods of doing things that others may not be willing to do. The quicker you do things or adjust, the quicker you can get ahead.

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