Childstones App Receives Praise From Center for Disease Control for Tracking Childhood Development

The CDC’s Learn the Signs Act Early team is excited about the new app launched by

Press Release updated: Oct 19, 2017 09:09 EDT

Childstones, a new child development tracking app, has received praise from the Center for Disease Control for its innovation and ability to track, record, and preserve important child development milestones. The CDC has an Act Early Initiative that is focused on education and awareness through their “Learn the Signs. Act Early” program. The goal of the CDC program is for parents to monitor milestones development  so that signs of autism and other development delays can be caught earlier. These children can then receive the services and supports they need.

“The one-of-a kind Childstones app will aid in diagnosing autism and other developmental delays,” says Dr. Eli Adler, producer of the Childstones app. “Childstones was launched to preserve each child’s milestones on video footage and prevent the loss of diagnostic info. Using the app, children with developmental delays can get a more accurate and earlier diagnosis. The earlier a child receives help, the greater their chance of overcoming the developmental delay.”

This free app allows parents to capture via video and content all the important milestones in their child’s early development from birth to age five. The app will organize and store these short diagnostic videos, which are easily made accessible to a healthcare professional who may need to go back in time and study the child’s progression in speech, physical or social skills. Any deviation from normal development will be preserved on footage.  By having a diagnostic video collection taken over time, a professional will have the complete milestone developmental history that can actually be studied and used for diagnosis.

Dr. Adler notes that while every child in this country has an immunization and health record, every child should also have a preserved developmental record.  Dr. Adler is calling on all pediatricians and early intervention therapists to encourage parents to use this app and safeguard their children’s developmental history. To learn more about the app or download, visit

About Childstones
​Childstones let’s parents capture all of the important moments of their child’s development, which are then available at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever they need them. For more information, visit

Source: Childstones

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