Chargebacks911 Announces Partnership with LimeLight to Reduce Credit Card Chargebacks

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“Integrating Chargebacks911 features into our platform provides our clients with a seamless experience, deep analytics and reporting features they have come to expect from LimeLight.”

Chargebacks911, a leading international dispute mitigation and loss prevention firm, has announced the integration of its comprehensive chargeback management services into continuity commerce platform, LimeLight.

The new partnership will see Chargebacks911’s proprietary technology assisting LimeLight by helping to detect, manage, and fight fraudulent chargebacks, facilitating LimeLight in its mission to provide the most comprehensive business platform for performance marketers in continuity and subscription ecommerce.

Chargebacks cost businesses over $80 billion annually. Above and beyond the cost on an individual transaction basis, chargebacks impact subscription ecommerce merchants significantly, causing automatic cancellation of subscriptions, increasing customer churn, adding risk to Merchant IDs and possibly raising red flags with banks.

Integrating Chargebacks911’s solution into LimeLight provides a way for LimeLight users to instantly improve their bottom line, while capturing further data to provide a more comprehensive picture of merchants’ marketing and ecommerce. Fewer chargebacks yield more successful transactions, leading to more profitability for merchants.

Gary Cardone, co-founder and CEO of Chargebacks911, said: “Chargebacks remain a significant barrier to growth for online businesses, particularly in the affiliate marketing and subscription-based ecommerce industries. We’re very happy to further expand our partnership with LimeLight, helping protect and defend their entire global merchant-client base from ecommerce risks, including first and second-party fraud. Our fully managed chargeback service is used by global merchants across hundreds of PSPs and acquirers, in dozens of verticals around the world, and thus created a natural fit between the two firms.”

LimeLight CEO, Brian Bogosian added: “LimeLight processes billions of dollars of ecommerce transactions, so we know that fraud and chargebacks are a big problem for ecommerce merchants. Chargebacks911 understands how chargebacks impact our customers’ bottom line and brings a depth of unparalleled expertise.”

“Integrating Chargebacks911 features into our platform provides our clients with a seamless experience, deep analytics and reporting features they have come to expect from LimeLight.”

About Chargebacks911:

Founded in 2011, Chargebacks911 (known as The Chargeback Company in Europe) is the first global company fully dedicated to mitigating chargeback risk and eliminating chargeback fraud. As industry-leading innovators, Chargebacks911 is credited with developing the most effective strategies for helping businesses maximize revenue and reduce loss in a variety of industries and sectors within the payments space.

Chargebacks911 provides comprehensive and highly scalable solutions for chargeback compliance, handling services and fraud strategy management. The company helps decrease the negative impact of chargebacks, thereby increasing revenue retention to help ensure sustainable growth for every member of the payment channel. The company’s innovative solutions and exemplary customer service have earned a vast array of prestigious awards and honors, including the Customer’s Choice Best Chargeback Management award from the CardNotPresent, the Best Industry Solution award, and the Best B2B Software Solution in 2016.

Chargebacks911’s unparalleled category experience and Intelligence Source Detection (ISD™) technology identifies the true source of chargebacks, optimizes revenue recovery opportunities, mediates disputes, safeguards reputations, monitors transactions 24/7 and helps proactively prevent future fraud. A division of Global Risk Technologies, Chargebacks911 is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. To learn more about Chargebacks911, visit or call (877) 634-9808.

About LimeLight

LimeLight is a cloud based subscription ecommerce platform. LimeLight helps subscription ecommerce merchants and marketers streamline the creation and management of direct marketing campaigns that generate high transaction volume across multiple countries and currencies.

LimeLight provides access to over 300 out-of-the-box integrations to all aspects of the ecommerce value chain including fulfillment providers, anti-fraud, chargebacks, collections, data verification, email autoresponders, membership providers, payment gateways and tax accounting.

Through integrating with an ecosystem of providers, automating of daily tasks, and presenting business analytics specifically tuned to direct marketing subscription ecommerce companies, LimeLight makes acquiring new customer base, delivering product and managing fraud, churn and chargebacks easier and more profitable. To learn more about LimeLight, please visit

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