CannaVu Building Largest Curated & Compliant Collection of Cannabis & CBD Advertising Inventory

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CannaVu is a startup focused on addressing the top inhibitors to Cannabis & CBD advertising: compliance and scale

CannaVu today announces the launch of its Cannabis & CBD Advertising Accelerator, an industry first. CannaVu’s unique solution provides Cannabis & CBD advertisers access to curated collections of premium advertising inventory, while ensuring compliance with state, federal regulations. Solution narrows targeting to only to those areas allowed by law, which can vary widely. Creative is also reviewed against written guidelines for Cannabis and wellness products. This provides publishers and ad platforms with confidence that they’re in compliance with all requirements. Programs to be deployed via Deal ID for programmatic execution (as/if allowed by adverting platform) or via a dedicated managed service team. At launch, CannaVu is set-up with inventory partnerships to support up-to-$5 Million per month in complaint Cannabis & CBD advertising, scaling to $10 Million/month+ by end of year. A list of unique-to-segment ad units, participating publishers, partners and supporting advertising platforms to be announced separately.

CannaVu estimates that in 2019 over $320 Million USD in planned Cannabis & CBD advertising dollars will go unspent this year, due to a lack of available inventory and advertising platform support. Many websites and media properties don’t allow Cannabis & CBD advertising. Several top advertising platforms don’t allow this segment at all, even if publishers do. As a result, many brands are inhibited by lack of reach and low results, due to low quality inventory and insufficient platforms that support Cannabis & CBD advertising. CannaVu aims to provide quality, transparency and better-than-required standards and practices to support, not only today’s advertising, but the rapid growth and maturity of this already consolidating market.

“Advertisers are increasingly looking to utilize mass-market, branding-focused tactics, particularly in the CBD segment. Before CannaVu, they haven’t been able to,” said Miles Dennison, Chief Executive Officer for CannaVu. “The current crop of broad-based traditional advertising solutions haven’t worked well for Cannabis & CBD advertising. The segment’s needs and requirements are too specialized. With CannaVu, we’re helping brands and advertisers build multi-tier campaigns encompassing reach, engagement and measurable results.”  

The one-size fits all method of programmatic advertising doesn’t reflect the needs of Cannabis & CBD brands that need to be respectful of their audience, compliant with regulations and present brand messages that are relevant and effective. The CannaVu Cannabis & CBD Advertising Accelerator aligns the right inventory to the right audience at the right time. Categories with specialized inventory selection, depending on regulations and requirements, include: beverages; capsules; concentrates; topicals; sprays; other categories, as allowed by law and jurisdiction. CannaVu notably has a unique-to-market specialization for pet products.

“Programs executed via CannaVu exceed state and federal requirements,” states Paul Calento, Chief Operating Officer at CannaVu. “We will be posting a ‘Code of Conduct’ that we will be asking advertisers to sign and will not run programs that don’t comply. The best way for this segment to grow is to self-regulate our industry to a higher standard than what’s even required. That will pave the best path to growth for all of us.”

CannaVu is the largest curated collection of compliant advertising for Cannabis and CBD marketers.  Solution provides advertisers ability to purchase digital advertising, across display, mobile and video advertising. Programs run through the CannaVu Advertising Accelerator meet and exceed state and federal requirements, across placements, targeting and offers, leveraging a best-in-class “Code of Conduct”. More information at

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