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CANADIAN VISA CONSULTANT FROM DUBAI, UAE & GCCDUBAI, UAE – 10-08-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Many of our clients are now working, studying and living in Canada, a great country to begin your overseas life.  Canada is a G8 nation and one of the largest countries in the world in terms of geographical area and land area. Canada is a developed country with one of the highest per capital income worldwide as well as has top notch working conditions. It occupies the 9th position in the list of countries that has the highest Human Development Index (HDI). In terms of civil liberties, quality of life, economy freedom, education, and government transparency, among others, Canada ranks high. There is high standard of living as well as world-class health care system that cater for her indigenes and residents. For those seeking to study in Canada, they have a brilliant education system that ranks as one of the best. For 5 years consecutively, UN survey based on educational opportunities, life expectancy and ease of doing business has ranked Canada as one of the best countries to life in.

The Canadian government has allowed immigration to Canada due to the need to fill vacancies in the sectors where the locals are unable to meet the demands. In view of the above, there is significant need for skilled laborers and professionals alike to travel to Canada to fill up these identified vacancies. As a result of favorable immigration policy, today Canada is one of the viable options for skilled laborers and professionals seeking to migrate overseas with top notch living standards.

No wonder immigrants find Canada an attractive destination of choice. It is on record that Canada welcomes more than 200, 000 immigrants every year.


Our agency specializes in helping skilled laborers, students and professionals secure a Canada visa through the consulate of Canada with a view to securing jobs in Canada, studying in the country and becoming an investor. Our agency is based in Dubai, UAE. We offer cost effective and streamlined service to help migrants seeking to travel to Canada from Dubai, UAE & Other parts of GCC region in the easiest way possible.

When it comes to immigration industry in GCC we rank among the top Canada Visa consultant. We have proved our high ranking position by exceeding clients’ expectations. Our Canada visa consultant services include all types visa for migration such as student visas, business visas, skill visas, investment visas, family visas, and employer-sponsored visas, among others.

We have competent personnel who are vast in Canada immigration procedures as well as possess the requisite expertise to assist you to understand the necessary immigration requirements and processes so that you can travel to Canada to work, study and invest in the economy of the country. Please feel free to get across to our Canada immigration consultants here in Dubai if you have any inquiries or queries. Our Canada immigration consultants are always happy to entertain inquiries from visa applicants. Let us be your trusted partner in the journey to realize your dreams of living in Canada.

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