Calabasas 19 year old teenager learns that her depression was actually caused by an imbalance of a trace mineral in her body.

USA – 03-26-2019 ( — When instagram influencer enchanting_odette also known as Allie Odette was 3 years old her parents took her to get ears pierced and right after they noticed a skin rash.  Little did she know that was the beginning of her life with copper Toxicity.  She is now urging others to get checked for this common but not well known illness.

“I have been to numerous doctors over the years for my depression and anxiety and none of the medications help me”  said Allie Odette.  “Now If someone would have told me to fix my awful all consuming depression with vitamins I would have probably put them on my hate you list but after years of multiple different types of medications for depression, and counseling  that did absolutely nothing for me, I was willing to try and  at least look into this thing called Copper Toxicity”.

When too much copper is in you it becomes toxic.   Some people have it since birth from genetics and many women get it from birth control as widespread use of oral contraceptives containing estrogen and copper IUD creates a copper imbalance in the body. Copper toxicity can cause major depression, anxiety, insomnia, skin sensitivity to cheap metals, brain fog, episodes of rage, emotional numbing, cold hands and feet, candida, grinding teeth while sleeping, paranoia, racing thoughts, ADD,  panic attacks, and eating disorders to name a few of the symptoms.

According to Dr William Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute, copper overload is one of the most common biochemical imbalances found in brain related disorders.  “In most persons, blood copper levels are kept in a narrow range through the action of metallothionein, ceruloplasmin, as well as other proteins. Unfortunately, many persons have a genetic inability to regulate copper levels and a serious copper overload can result.” States William Walsh, PhD.

After years of research of trying to find what was wrong with her, Allie found a book on Copper Toxicity called Nutrient Power – Heal your Biochemistry and heal your brain by Dr. William J. Walsh. This books explained how by correcting your mineral imbalances you can actually heal your brain, instead of just treating the symptoms as most medications do.  The first step was to get tested for copper.  However its very important to get the right kind of testing done.  Unfortunately, most Doctors she went to did the typical test for copper and told  her “your copper is fine”.  Unfortunately they did not do the correct tests.  It is very important to find a Doctor that specializes in copper overload and does the correct testing.  “I found and went to a medical clinic called Mensha Medical Clinic that specializes in copper toxicity for my testing. When I was first tested correctly my copper was found to be extremely high” Allie said.

After more additional specific testing, the doctors at Mensha Medical tailored a vitamin protocol that would help her with her specific aliments.  These included turmeric, c, zinc picolinate, zinc citrate, e, chromium polynicotinate, magnesium glycerinate, molybdenum, b6, p5p, biotin, b12,vitamin a, d3, b1, b2, absorbaid, vitapqq, coq10, nac, milk thistle, cal mag, , bee pollen, mensah medical enhancer, and evening primrose oil. However, you should not make your own vitamin protocol, its critical to get the proper protocol from a specialized doctor.  “Our physical and mental health needs the proper balance of critical brain chemicals. This is why correcting biochemical imbalances is key to optimal health and wellness” according to Dr. Mensha of the Mensha Medical Clinic.

Other things that can help detox your copper are dry saunas, coffee enemas, and avoiding copper rich foods as well as junk food.

She also found that drinking celery juice first thing in the morning 30 minutes before food helped alleviate some of her symptoms as well.

As she went through her detoxing from copper she said it actually made her symptoms worse before they got better.  A lot of people give up on the copper detox because of this.  However, you will eventually start to see your copper levels decrease if you stick to the protocol.   Copper Toxicity does not go away on its own and actually gets worse as times goes on.

While Allie still has a ways to go before she is completely detoxed from copper, she hopes telling her story now helps others who may feel helpless and giving up some new hope on curing their depression and anxiety.

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