BoxyBooks™ announces the much-anticipated upcoming launch of its KickStarter campaign, which all begins on Tuesday, September 17, 2019!

United States, California, Los Angeles – 09-12-2019 ( — BoxyBooks™ announces the much-anticipated upcoming launch of its KickStarter campaign, which all begins on Tuesday, September 17, 2019!


We’re thrilled to be debuting our campaign for BoxyBooks. This is no ordinary box. BoxyBooks is a multipurpose marvel, facilitating fun and function, while eliminating frustration. The slogan “WRAP IT IN A STORY” highlights the convenience of BoxyBooks: which is essentially a gift box / toy storage box wrapped in a story book revealed by opening flaps. If you’ve ever cringed at the sight of wrapping paper, torn to shreds all over your living room, or been overwhelmed with the task of wrapping Christmas or birthday presents, you’ll appreciate the practicality of BoxyBooks. Since no wrapping is necessary, presentation is literally a snap, taking less than 30 seconds giving parents a little more “me” time. In addition to convenience, BoxyBooks also encourage hand-eye coordination as children learn to open and close the story flaps. The box flaps enhance reading in a three dimensional way, as children and parents explore the sides of the box following the storyline, or get creative and develop their own narrative! Imagine all that learning under the guise of a play toy. As a storage box, the box practically speaks for itself. Each story has its own message, inspiring children to try sorting and organizing for themselves. That’s a bonus any parent would embrace. Each box has the tasteful design you’ll love, with fun elements kids will love!

Carrying one of these to a party, you will be sure to turn heads and gain children’s attention the moment you walk in the room. You’ll discover adults are curious too, asking what it is and where they could get one.


We also care about our environment so we’re doing our part by manufacturing our products with recycled materials that result in minimal waste. We strive to make a durable product that will last with a shelf life well beyond the birthday party or holiday get-together.


BoxyBooks are an affordable gift starting at just $17.99 and are available with matching toys for $29.99 (construction toys for Busy Builders, garden toys for Beautiful Blooms, and farm animal toys for Barnyard Bash). The first three themes will accompany the launch of

the KickStarter campaign, with many more themes to come. We hope you’ll be a part of the story by joining us on our BoxyBooks journey!



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