Bogen Communications Gives All Employees Life Saving LifeCodes for Faster Medical Care

Bogen Communications, Inc. will be completing a companywide rollout of MyHealth Emergency and Healthcare Services for all of its employees and their family members so they may collect their medical records, track their health and faster access to care.

Mahwah, NJ, October 23, 2017 —- Bogen Communications, Inc. Gives Employees and Families Cutting Edge Healthcare Tools.

Bogen Communications, Inc. will be completing a company wide rollout of MyHealth Emergency and Healthcare Services for all of its employees and their family members so they may collect their medical records, track their health and faster access to care.

Bogen Communications is known as a technology leader in industrial sound systems and telephone peripherals, and operates nationwide with offices in Mahwah, NJ, Orlando, FL and Nashville, TN. Now, they have broken new ground in emergency healthcare benefits.

As part of this benefit, employees and their families received custom wallet cards, wristbands, pendants, key rings, shoe tags and phone labels with a unique QR and LifeCode. They can now safely keep all medical records, health diaries and emergency information including final directives and living wills in one secure location. Regular email and text reminders encourage tracking of fitness and health issues. Families and first responders will be empowered with more and better data, with the goal of reducing medical errors, assisting doctors and hospitals to operate faster with more certainty with fewer delays and better outcomes for Bogen Communications most valuable asset – its people.

Eileen Stoffer, head of HR says, “Bogen offers many benefits to its employees but MyHealth is one everyone should have to track their health information easily with the goal of accessing better care wherever they are 24/7. We love it.”

CJ Wilson, founder of MyHealth.Us says “Bogen has been a leader in covering the whole family by offering the maximum emergency care possible. They are placing employees health and safety first, and are unique to extend these benefits to the whole family.”

With increasing costs for healthcare, possible calamities, and recent natural disasters, employees are encouraged to be prepared, and practice both preventive and predictive good health practices.

About MyHealth.Us
Established in 2013, MyHealth.Us is a healthcare services technology platform created by MyInfo LLC that delivers highly effective patient-centric health solutions. Their mission is “We Save Lives!” and their core belief is that better patient engagement, better managed, and more personal health data leads to more effective outcomes for both, patients and healthcare providers by connecting the right medical services faster to the people that need them. MyHealth.Us is certified, HIPAA compliant, and patent pending. For more information, please visit www.MyHealth.Us.

About Bogen Communications, Inc.
Bogen is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Bogen’s Telco line of business provides the corporation a leadership position in the U.S. overhead paging market segment. Bogen’s Commercial and Pro Audio line of business, along with Bogen’s NEAR and Apogee Sound brands, expands the Bogen family of products to address applications ranging from single speaker systems to large-scale concert music systems. Bogen’s Engineered Systems line of business allows the corporation to successfully address school intercom, signaling, and media control, holding significant market share in the U.S.

For more information, contact HR Department, Bogen Communications, Inc., 1200 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 304, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2331; 201-934-8500, fax: 201-934-9832, e-mail: [email protected], website:

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