Blockchain App Factory leads the way for White-Labeled Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Box

SINGAPORE – 10-10-2018 ( — Blockchain App Factory becomes one of the first companies to offer a ready-made and white-labeled Controlled and Trade Exchange. 

There are two kinds of exchanges: Controlled and Trading Platform Exchanges. The biggest players in the controlled exchange and Trade Exchange segment are Coinbase and Binance respectively. Their premium services in terms of acceptance of tokens/coins and charges for listing is off the charts. To counter this monopoly, many competitors have started to call themselves equivalents of Coinbase and Binance.

“The market believes that ready-made products can’t be customized. This is where we come in. We give you a white-labeled version which is operation-ready for anyone who wants to start their exchange. Our team can uniquely customize the same as per the requirements,” says James Harper, Director of Business Development.

Blockchain App Factory is a pioneer in cryptocurrency development and has worked with over 20 ICOs. The company, having worked in ICO and Permissioned Blockchain domains understand that a cryptocurrency exchange must support a variety of blockchains. 

“Our previous experiences in the development of cryptocurrency gave us insights when developing the Controlled and Trade Exchanges. We thought if we are developing coins/tokens on customized blockchains, trading must be made simpler with their integration. That’s how we came up with our ready to go exchanges.” Benny, Chief Technology Officer.

Security is inherent to the exchanges and must be top notch. Blockchain App Factory has a dedicated security enhancement and audit team who work round the clock to ensure the same. 

Another key component of the trade exchange is the matching engine which can handle more than 20,000 transactions per second (tps). This is in keeping with other leading cryptocurrency trade exchanges like Binance. 

Even after having the best security features and a matching engine, the most vital part of attracting the users to the exchange is the Liquidity. To ensure liquidity in the exchanges, Blockchain App Factory uses APIs to route Buy and Sell orders to other exchanges. This is applicable to both controlled and trade exchange.

Crypto Entrepreneurs have benefited greatly with the ready-made Coinbase or Binance like offering that Blockchain App Factory has launched for them in a matter of weeks and captured their local majority market shares. 


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