Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit: Increase Sales by Accepting Bitcoin Prelaunch Announced

LAS VEGAS, NV – 10-04-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Press Release Jet, the leading PR distribution service, is launching the Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit Guide

Press Release Jet, in an effort of furthering customer education and assistance, is proud to announce the prelaunch of the Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit: Increase Sales by Accepting Bitcoin guide. This guide is designed for business owners that wish to expand their potential sales by accepting Bitcoin.

“Accepting Bitcoin is no longer a taboo action that must be kept secret for fear of criticism. Today, accepting Bitcoin is a sign to customers that you are a pioneer of a new platform and are tech savvy and ready for the future. Companies such as Microsoft,, and Expedia have laid the gauntlet down to their competition, you can do the same right now with the Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit.” Stated the CEO of Press Release Jet concerning the Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit’s potential impact on businesses that take full advantage of the guide.

Press Release Jet releasing the Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit is just one more step in their goal of bringing pertinent information to both their clients and potential ones still browsing their services. Press Release Jet have made available guides on topics such as how press releases help search engine optimization (SEO), press release checklists, and comparisons between the big press release distributors available today (only Press Release Jet understands and will accept Bitcoin in the foreseeable future).

Bitcoin can be an unsurmountable for most people, the Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit: Increase Sales by Accepting Bitcoin takes the mystery away and explains the technical side in plain English. No longer will you look at Bitcoin as something only techies are involved with, it is not, rather you will begin to understand the true power behind letting the world know that you are not only open for business, you are open to accepting Bitcoin.

From beginners to more experienced Bitcoin users, the Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit offers valuable information for everyone. Bitcoin only sounds daunting when you have the right information on your side. The Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit: Increase Sales by Accepting Bitcoin by Press Release Jet is that right information, just visit to get your copy of the guide today.

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