KNOXVILLE, TN – 09-11-2018 ( — BioPet Laboratories, industry leader in animal genetics and inventor of PooPrints DNA-based dog waste management technology, has achieved accreditation under ISO 17025:2005 international standards. The ISO 17025:2005 designation makes BioPet the only dog waste laboratory of its kind in the world.

The PooPrints cutting-edge DNA testing technology allows multi-family communities and cities to identify unscooped dog waste samples and match them to the dog’s owner. More than 3,000 communities in all 50 states, Canada and the United Kingdom depend on PooPrints to keep their common areas free from dog waste.

“We are very proud to receive ISO certification” said J Retinger, CEO of BioPet Laboratories. “The certification ensures that our laboratory operates using strict international standards, reinforces our continued commitment to quality and accuracy and indicates that our methods and laboratory are audited and operated by scientific experts.”

BioPet’s accreditation is ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Accreditation No: 98623 Certificate No: L18-253 held by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. This is a continuation of BioPet Laboratories’ commitment to meeting the highest scientific standards, with its canine DNA database being granted a patent in October 2013 (Patent# 8,554,695).

“Accreditation brings awareness and validation to our commitment to ongoing training, proficiency testing for analysts, and method validation to ensure sample quality and unbiased reporting” said Chesleigh Winfree, Director of Laboratory Operations. “Both technical and corporate management policies are held to a high standard.”

About BioPet Laboratories & PooPrints®

BioPet Laboratories is an international biotechnology specializing in animal genetics, and the parent company of the PooPrints program. The company’s full-service laboratory provides comprehensive DNA analysis, reporting, research, and product development. BioPet’s mission is to protect the environment, expand public access for dogs, and promote responsible dog ownership. For more information about BioPet Laboratories, or its DNA-based pet products, contact us at or call (865) 546-2862.

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Company Name: BioPet Laboratories
Full Name: J Retinger
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