BEHOLD THE POWER OF EGGS – Easterseals Colorado Teams with Corporate Donation Solutions to LAUNCH the MOST INCREDIBLE and UNIQUE FUNDRAISER in the USA

DENVER, COLORADO – 09-21-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Launching September 21st, 2017 in Denver Colorado

The Brave, Ambitious and Passionate Team are Pushing Boundaries and Challenging the Status Quo IN EVERYTHING WE DO

Easterseals Colorado has teamed with Corporate Donation Solutions to help INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES AND THEIR EMPOYEES use as little as one penny $0.01 per hour of their wages to purchase dozens of Hickman’s Farm Fresh Eggs and donate them to Easterseals Colorado, Food Bank of the Rockies and TO THEIR OWN FAVORITE CHARITIES.

BEHOLD THE POWER OF EGGS as they will be helping CHILDREN AND ADULTS FACING DISABILITIES, NEIGHBORS FACING HUNGER and OTHER CHARITIES IN NEED.  To learn about the Easterseals Colorado programs available for children and adults facing disabilities go to

HOW IT WORKS:  Almost everyone can afford to give $0.01 per hour of their wages to help those in need, many others can give a dollar $1.00 per hour and successful companies ten dollars $10.00 per hour.  Every penny an hour USED TO PURCHASE EGGS AND DONATE THE EGGS makes a difference for 6 families. For only $0.40 cents per week families are helped with a great healthy protein and the bonus:  EVERYONE’S FAVORITE CHARITY ALSO RECEIVES FUNDS

THE REAL TRUTH WE FACE TODAY:  Food Bank of The Rockies needs 500,000 eggs per week for those facing hunger in Colorado and Wyoming to just give one egg to one person each week!

Corporate Donation Solutions handles the purchasing, distribution of the eggs and delivering the additional funds to the charities selected.   INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES AND EMPLOYESS can register online at to purchase eggs and donate them to support those in need and help make a difference in their community.  The process is SIMPLE, FAST and SECURE.

The professional’s at Egg Fundraising, LLC DBA Corporate Donation Solutions have a Proven Financial Business Plan to Manage Companies Total Community Giving Responsibility.  They are capable of the complete management of the donation and community giving process for companies and experienced in the planning, management and implementation of the most incredible events to inspire others to help those in need.  They are headquartered in Colorado and will be taking this UNIQUE FUNDRAISER NATIONAL on October 1st, 2017

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Corporate Donations Solutions
Full Name: Barney Seward
Phone: 720-475-0330
Email Address: Send Email

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