Improves BuyerProtection+ for Timeshare Resale Clients

Customers wishing to sell their timeshare week or points on’s advertising site can get a refund of their listing price if their property is sold independently. Bay Tree recently enhanced their offer so sales that were within 50% of original asking price (rather than 35%) are eligible.

Atlanta, GA, October 31, 2017 –(– Bay Tree Solutions, a company connecting timeshare resale sellers and buyers and dealing exclusively with non-legacy resorts, announced they substantially improved their guarantee for owners listing on their site. If you are their client, will refund your listing fee – in full – if you are able to sell it on your own or through another service for within 50 percent of the original asking price.

“Prior to this, we would refund our fee if a timeshare interest was sold for within 35 percent. But we wanted to go even further and make it clear that this is far and away the strongest guarantee ever offered in the industry,” says Bay Tree Chief Marketing Officer Doug Milbrath. “Now, if you advertise a $10,000 timeshare for sale, you could sell it outside our program for as low as $5,000 and still receive a full refund of our fee. This is just another way Bay Tree Solutions is redefining the timeshare resale market and creating a fair and equitable marketplace for our clients and potential buyers.”

For more than 11 years, Bay Tree Solutions has promised clients to be the fastest way to sell their timeshare. “Offering this guarantee not only assures you that we are committed to the process; it also pushes us to always be the best.”

Milbrath adds that as Bay Tree has grown over the last eleven years, they have a proven success rate by only handling resales at better resort properties and avoiding any legacy properties that are clearly poorly maintained. “We are committed to upholding the reputation and positive aspects of the vacation ownership concept. That’s a major part of our business philosophy. We believe in the product and strive to express that dedication to our customers. I believe that offering BuyerProtection+ goes a long way to expressing our faith and the investment of our resources in the industry.”

About Bay Tree Solutions

Bay Tree Solutions is an advertising and marketing company that specializes in assisting timeshare owners within specific resort communities in selling their timeshares. By avoiding desperate sellers and distressed properties, we have verified that our clients are able to sell for prices 30-to-50 percent higher than our closest competitors. For more information, resort professionals may call 1-800-647-4130 and select “0.”

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