Bay Area CoreWorkz Announces Community Give-Back Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – 06-14-2019 ( — For every Perfect Escape team building program booked until August 15th, CoreWorkz will donate $25 to Wardrobe for Opportunity and the Special Kids Foundation.

CoreWorkz, a San Francisco based firm providing services to help companies build strong and high-functioning teams, has announced the launch of a new giving program. The campaign is set to benefit two community partners, Wardrobe for Opportunity and the Special Kids Foundation. The program will run through August 15, 2019. From now until August 15th, for any organizations that book’s CoreWorkz’ The Perfect Escape, watch and play experience, CoreWorkz will donate $25 each to Wardrobe for Opportunity and the Special Kids Foundation. Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO) works in partnership with the Bay Area community to assist low-income individuals in finding and keeping a job and building a career. The Special Kids Foundation helps Bay Area families who have children with special needs by providing them with therapy opportunities and educational sessions for family members.

The funds donated through the giving campaign will help both organizations identify and hire additional staff and deliver critical services to the communities they serve. The Perfect Escape is a watch-and-play activity where teams battle an evil villain and each other to save the world, providing a creative and exciting team-building opportunity. “Not only is it fun to play, it is extremely competitive and rewarding,” said Colin Filip, Managing Partner of CoreWorkz. “We invite companies big and small to be part of this one-of-a-kind experience.” The Perfect Escape can be hosted in private offices or other Bay Area venues, including restaurants and hotels.

Since 2017, CoreWorkz has executed over 250 team-building events, partnering with Fortune 500 companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Facebook, Blue Shields, Marriott, Chicago Title, and more to develop a more empowered workforce and build better office and team morale. Through exciting and insightful team-building activities, CoreWorkz serves as an industry leader in the Bay Area. Their team provides organizations with creative experiences that help bolster lasting relationships and improved communication amongst peer professionals, all while saving organizations the time and stress of planning a great team-building event.


Employers looking to transform their work environments into a group of motivated, ambitious, and personable advocates for their companies are encouraged to contact CoreWorkz. Their team will coordinate any size event for those looking to reward their employees with a fun experience while giving back to a worthy cause. To do so, please reach out to CoreWorkz at (415) 707-0533 or visit their website at

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