Back & Body Medical Physician Offers Expert Advice on Posture Correction Products

NEW YORK, NY – 08-21-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Dr. David Perna, D.C., of Back and Body Medical (, offered expert advice on posture correction products to The Strategist, a regular feature of New York Magazine designed to offer the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the e-commerce landscape. In light of the many hours being spent hunched over smartphones and working in poorly designed workspaces, an increasing number of people are suffering muscle and joint pain, as well as related conditions like migraines and digestive problems. 

As an expert on ergonomics, Dr. Perna is frequently sought out for corrective exercises and posture improvement training to help patients strengthen their muscles and restore balance. He was consulted by The Strategist for recommendations on accessories and equipment helpful to those stuck behind desks and suffering from aches and pains.

“Sitting for prolonged periods of time in front of a computer can cause significant upper-back and neck pain.,” said Dr. Perna. As a result, one of his top recommendations was the Varidesk Height-Adjustable Standing Desk. He explained that maintaining a prolonged static position tends to lead to pain, so having the ability to either sit at a desk and stand at work can be very helpful. For those stuck with no choice beyond a seated position, he recommended the use of a monitor riser, saying, “Typically, I want to hear the top of the screen is two inches above their eye level.” 

Dr. Perna’s recommendations moved beyond accessories for the office. He suggested exercise equipment, including resistance bands, and provided a link to a video demonstrating stretches to provide muscle activation and awareness of posture throughout the day. To address nighttime pain he suggested a cervical pillow to ensure proper head and neck position while sleeping, 

Dr. Perna strongly believes in the importance of addressing postural problems early in order to prevent long-term problems and is dedicated to providing the public and his patients with as much education as possible to help them maintain a healthy back and spine.


Dr. David Perna is a sports chiropractor at Back and Body Medical and has successfully assisted professional and college athletes of varying sports for 15 years, as well as weekend warriors. Dr. Perna uses award-winning treatments and therapy to provide proficient care and assistance during rehabilitation. When using exercise to help the body recuperate from sports, Dr. Perna emphasizes the focus of the exercises to help with restoring function, speeding recovery, and enhancing future performance. With his guidance, patients recover and have their body on the mend quickly and safely.

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