Axiom Prepaid Holdings Launches EuroPYM Card Solution in Italy and Spain

Italy, Milan, Assago – 05-15-2019 ( — Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC, a world-renowned facilitator of prepaid Visa card issuance, is excited to announce the official launch of its EuroPYM card solutions in Italy and Spain. For Axiom, this is a proud moment as it represents the culmination of its efforts to make prepaid and white label card solutions universally accessible.

Axiom has emerged as a leading facilitator of prepaid card programs, with a presence in six European countries, Canada, The United States, and it’s AsiaPac market coming online in late 2019. Axioms card programs run smoothly due to a complete infrastructure of support that host sponsor, program management, fulfillment, call centers, and compliance. With excellent program managers involved, these solutions provide a 100% turnkey solution for marketing and distribution. 

The launch of EuroPYM in Italy and Spain shows that its core solutions have hit the sweet spot for its clients in Europe. The EuroPYM Prepaid Mastercard solution represents the best that today’s technology has to offer. EuroPYM comes with robust card holder features such as day 1 Virtual card access, Day 1 IBAN & BIC access, Peer 2 Peer Transfers, Rewards program, tap and pay, mobile wallet loading, mobile and desktop applications, and much more. “We are delighted to announce the launch of EuroPYM in Italy and Spain. Axiom is a global pioneer in the prepaid and white label card space, and EuroPYM is our latest effort to make card solutions a part of everyone’s lives,” said Steven Foster, President of Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC. 

Axiom’s EuroPYM stands apart from the rest as it is an end to end solution that ensures our clients will never need to step into a bank again. EuroPYM is low on fees and high on features, and anyone with a valid ID can sign up without facing hassles. EuroPYM’s cards are ready for use from Day 1 and run on a fully functional infrastructure for seamless transactions and money management. The EuroPYM desktop and mobile applications afford users the ability to sign up, activate their card, transfer money, report their card lost card, review transaction history, and even freeze their card when it’s misplaced.

Over the years, Axiom Prepaid Holdings has built an enviable network of global partners and sponsor bank relationships. Its global network spans across the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, The United Kingdom, and will soon enter Asia. EuroPYM is also big on compliance and safety. Axiom and its partners are aligned with all local and federal agencies, and thus the product is fully compliant and equipped with the latest technologies.



About EuroPYM

EuroPYM was born with a straightforward goal in mind; to bring the simplicity back into banking. This card was designed from the ground up through countless hours of research using modern technology to ensure that we give our consumers solutions suited to their needs. We are a US Fintech affiliated company dedicated to offering intuitive, intelligent-based and user-friendly tools that allow people to experience a virtual card with little to no fees. EuroPYM is part of the family of companies from Axiom PrePaid Financial, LLC that has been a trusted leader of Visa® & Mastercard® prepaid products, serving large users across the Globe.

About Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC

Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH) is a global independently owned card issuing and payments facilitator helping many of today’s high-profile Fintech organizations with innovative and cost-effective payment solutions. Established by Steven Foster & Steve Urry; experts in processing and managing credit card payments, debit card payments, global prepaid card issuing programs, and other various banking solutions, APH enables Fintech companies to discover breakthrough innovations through a strategic and advanced technology that allows them to achieve a fully customized prepaid solution.

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