Automatically Redirect Secure Links With EasyRedir

EasyRedir offers automatic set up and renewal of SSL certificates for URL redirects.

Press Release updated: Oct 25, 2017 06:00 MDT

​​​​​​​​​​​​As more and more websites move to secure platforms, the need for companies and brands to redirect both HTTP and HTTPS links has subsequently grown. Users can now use the secure https:// version of all URLs they’re redirecting through EasyRedir. EasyRedir now provides automatic SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt. This means customers can easily gain the benefits of HTTPS to HTTPS redirects by reducing security warnings in their visitors web browsers and improving SEO.

“The internet is moving towards increasing security, which has created the need for URL redirection that supports secure links,” says William Richards, Founder and CEO of EasyRedir. “We want to help our clients with this transition whether they are redirecting links from HTTP to HTTPS or HTTPS to HTTPS.”

EasyRedir gives web developers and website managers a seamless way to manage URLs: users fill in the URL they wish to redirect, and the target they wish to redirect to. EasyRedir then gives values needed to modify DNS records. The redirects will work immediately, and will automatically be configured for HTTPS redirection. EasyRedir uses military-grade encryption to keep all user data secure, including SSL certificates and private keys.

Having access to automatic HTTPS redirects is essential for our clients who have been searching for this feature and have been unable to find it elsewhere.

William Richards, Founder & CEO, EasyRedir

EasyRedir users can get HTTP to HTTPS support across all available plans. Automatic HTTPS support (HTTPS to HTTPS) is included in Business, Premium and Enterprise plans.

“Having access to automatic HTTPS redirects is essential for our clients who have been searching for this feature and have been unable to find it elsewhere,” says Richards. “EasyRedir is excited to launch automatic HTTPS forwarding for as low as $39 per month.”

EasyRedir’s automatic HTTPS functionality is supported by improved technology architecture which ensures reliable and scalable service. Recently completed upgrades deliver an improved elastic scaling model, along with microcaching to reduce response times. EasyRedir is well-positioned to respond to increasing demand.

Unlike other services, EasyRedir provides advanced and fully scalable URL redirection beyond what is typically included by a domain registrar or DNS provider, like URI forwarding, query parameter forwarding, and fall-back redirects.

About EasyRedir

EasyRedir is a URL redirection service that enables businesses to easily direct web traffic to where they need it, so customers and stakeholders can access their valuable online content and services. EasyRedir has extensive experience in large enterprise systems design and development and caters to all businesses with an online presence including startups, agencies and global enterprises. The EasyRedir team includes experts in cloud software architecture and development, product design, DevOps, sales, and finance. EasyRedir also has a strong support team and a network of specialists ready to assist you with your URL redirection needs. | @EasyRedir

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Source: EasyRedir Inc.

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