Authority on Demand can transform your ideas and stories into a best-selling book with their “Done For You” publishing services.

NEW DELHI, INDIA – 09-08-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Authority on Demand is the perfect story-tellers for your story, crafting it with utmost care and love, presenting it to the world as a gift worth-remembering.

“Not only we write and publish your book, we position you as an expert, crown you with recognition and finally leave you astounded with the reception.”- Vikrant Shaurya, CEO and Founder, Authority on Demand.

Everyone deserves a chance to express their story. An experience of one’s life could be the much-needed inspiration and guidance for another. The world is a celebration of the diversity and differences among people, making it all the more interesting and special.

Authority on Demand believes that every single voice deserves to be heard and recognized, amidst the barraging noises highly prevalent in our society.

People are mortal but their ideas are eternal and they live through the ages with the ability to serve generations that are even centuries ahead. Amidst so many emerging and trending platforms, books continue to be the best medium to instil a comprehensive and an ever-lasting influence over the readers.

Authority on Demand just requires you to schedule a 30-min free strategy call with them. The services are so widespread and comprehensive that all they would need is the seed of your idea and story. They make sure that it is nurtured carefully for an enchanting bloom to mesmerize the world.

“I wanted to write a book on my entrepreneurial journey but I did not know exactly how to start writing. I would slog myself to write but I struggled to sketch my ideas out. I would type one paragraph or two and then glare at a blank screen. It was beyond frustrating. Then I approached Authority on Demand and their team turned my ideas and story into a best-selling book in just 3 months. Working with them came to me as a huge relief! I never needed to worry about my book again. “- Shubham Kumar, Author of Against the Odds

A unique ‘3 phase system’ – Publishing, Promotion and Positioning is used to guarantee rich dividends for the authors through their books. As the age of traditional publishing has drifted, digital publishing with enhanced services for promotion and positioning are the need of the hour. Authority on Demand takes care of the end to end publishing process in their premium package – from development of the root of an idea for the book to the promotional and marketing needs of an author; it offers a comprehensive array of services.

To know more about their services, you can visit- or schedule a free 30-min strategy call at

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Company Name: Authority on Demand
Full Name: Vikrant Shaurya
Phone: +1 503 647 8577
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