APL Practice Solutions Releases Electronic Guide About Outsourcing Practice Management

LITTLETON, CO – 10-01-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — APL Practice Solutions announces the release of its first digital guide, an overview of the advantages of outsourcing medical practice management. The guide, available free of charge, can be accessed on the APL Practice Solutions website.

The mission of APL Practice Solutions is to assist a provider in identifying areas of workflow hardships within their practice and to form a plan of action, that when implemented, will push their practice into a thriving business.

“Making the decision to delegate your billing duties to an outside source can be very daunting,” says Jessica Schoonover, Co-Founder and Managing Director of APL. “With this guide, we intend to provide a conducive idea of the benefits and pitfalls of hiring an outsourced billing company in hopes that, as a professional business owner, you are able to make a grounded and informed decision.”

Included in the guide is an overview of what to look for when selecting a third party billing company, what a medical practice can expect from implementing an electronic medical records (EMR) system, and advice on how a practice can recover lost profits. 

“If you’re looking to save stress, money, and needless labor within your office, you might consider what you can gain by outsourcing your billing duties,” Schoonover advises. “Private practices are sometimes forced to focus on paperwork and billing activities at the expense of their relationships with their patients. As a professional who wants to see all of our independent providers thrive in their practices, I urge everyone to educate themselves on the available options. Outsourcing can really help a medical practice’s bottom line.”

About APL Practice Solutions

Based in Littleton, CO, APL Practice Solutions is part of a nationwide network of over 1500 offices. Via proprietary analysis, they report on the efficacy of medical practices management and generate customized solutions where needed.

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Website: aplpracticesolutions.com

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