Affluent Specialist ALTIANT Launches Its GLAM Monitor and Presents Key Trends from The World’s Affluent and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

United Kingdom – 04-01-2019 ( — Stockholm headquartered affluent fieldwork specialist Altiant has unveiled its Global Luxury and Asset Management (GLAM) monitor and announced the launch of its open interactive platformhosting ranges of data points from its in-house validated affluent and HNW panel, LuxuryOpinions®.

 The GLAM Monitoris the first of its kind to look exclusively at opinions from validated affluent and HNWIs. The data points, set to be released every quarter, cover a wide array of topics related to luxury purchase, financial market sentiment, sustainability and travel. Data is collected continuously, and results are distributed on a rolled up quarterly basis.  Altiant Founder and CEO Lars Longcommented on the launch: ‘The GLAM monitor is designed to inspire luxury and wealth researchers as well as a wider public with captivating data related to affluent/HNW consumers.’.Longadded ‘We look forward to adding additional markets and naturally growing sample sizes within the next releases.’ Altiant has selected Tableau Online®to publish the GLAM dashboards and share discoveries, making the insights easily accessible to all from any browser. Within the visualisation platform, the data can be manipulated and filtered across regions (Europe, US, Asia), income levels, age and genderto empower savvy researchers with a deeper understanding of global affluent consumers. This first data release covers Q3 and Q4 2018and reports data from 987 interviews. The normalized median household income of the sample was just over $294,000.  Some key observations from the first edition of GLAM:Luxury Purchase Intent: Around a third of luxury category usersexpect to increase their spending across a variety of markets over the next year. Travel is in a strong position, with the highest potential increase inspending among current users (47%). The categories measured are Automotive, Alcoholic beverages, Consumer Electronics, Designer fashion, Leather goods, Fine Jewellery, Watches, Wealth management and Luxury Travel.

  • Investments: Awareness of cryptocurrencies is very high among the affluent sample, with only 6% being completely unaware of them. Globally, 37% of those interviewed in Q4 2018 had some investment position tied to cryptocurrencies which rose from 30% in the previous quarter alone. Leading the charge, the North Americans interviewed were the most likely to have long term crypto positions in their portfolios as the rate of long term investors rose from 22% in Q3 2018 to 31% in Q4.
  • Global Financial System: Only 6% of all respondents consider the global financial system to be “very stable”. Stark differences can be observed between regions and socio-economic classes. In Q4, 54% of Europeans and 47.2% of Asian respondents considered the global financial system either very or somewhat unstable where only 27.9% of North Americans shared that same feeling.
  • Sustainability: One of the hottest topics at the moment and very important for more than 67% of our wealthy base. Overall, 43% of our wealthy respondents are prepared to spend more than 10% extra for sustainably produced products. Significant differences exist within generations with half of the wealthy Millennials willing to pay 10% or more for sustainable products versus only 37% of the Over 40s.

 To access the GLAM Monitor, go to
Altiant enables large scale, quantitative market research for luxury and wealth industries. The company provides highly validated affluent and high net worth sample through their proprietary panel, LuxuryOpinions® as well as a suite of fieldwork solutions for agencies and end brands to conduct continuous tracking and ad hoc research.  

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